Sunday, August 31, 2008

And with that.......part two

We are now 7 days and counting before we leave. I simply can't wait another minute.
I have reservations for dinner each night and breakfast each day at our Chocolate Moose Restaurant.
Woo HOOOOOOOOOOO Can't wait................ Until then I am working on some projects for Crop Stop as I am a guest designer for October. I have it started and will post it when I return from vacation. Can't post anything until the first of October so you will just have to wait until then.


Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

Hello there! It has been too long! I have decided to blog hop for the next hour or so and you are one of my first stops. It sounds like bliss in just over a week! A well deserved one too!

Your blog looks fabulous!
I absolutely love the beautiful photos of A.Hepburn in the previous post. Such a beauty!

love and hugs,

Fantastic Figments said...

Oh geesh you are making my mouth water and my mind long to be there with you! Sounds so wonderful. While you are gone I will live vicariously through you wishing I was on boat tours and soaking of the sheer beauty of serenity!


Toni said...

Hey, V-Luv, do they have a menu from that restaurant you could get for me? I'd love to see it, even one of those paper ones some restaurants print up that you can take with you?

Jenn said...

Hope the weeks fly by so you can be on your trip already!! :D Take care!!! :D