Saturday, February 28, 2009

My mad money has been spent

Rick gave me a surprise present of some cash in my paypal account. It was a total surprise. You have to love a husband who says honey I think they made a mistake on your paypal account you better go look. Then you find you have extra money and he smiles and says surprise. I am so lucky to have this wonderful guy.
So here is what I did with my surprise money. got it the most awesome metallic dew drops. I bought the red ones and the mardi gras ones. . Here at I bought some copic sparkly pens red and gold red for those fancy red lips and gold for the angel wings and what not. Some Tim Holtz masks.
Some maya road chipboard I got the angel wings and swirls from
A set of mats for my cricut from

and these babies.... my atc luggage. from lisa at
and some adorable brass trinkets.

and finally look at these awesome stamps from
WOW I found this site and fell in love with her stamps. I had to have the stamp plate of pin up girls or better yet glamour girls. Well, she had a ton of stamps on sale from like around $2.75 to the highest being like $3.50. WOW, so well....... I just kinda ordered what I wanted.

If you click on the picture you can see the images a little better.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's Canvas

Here is the entire canvas. I painted it Robin's egg blue to match the Tiffany box. I googled images of Audrey and found some awesome photos of her as Holly. I love the others as well too.
Thanks to Becki I have a Tiffany and Co box. Let me tell you finding that box was hard.

Some pearls and flowers

Rubber stamp was from

This canvas is for me. I am keeping her in my studio.

Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's Canvas

is almost done!!!!!

She is drying right now as I type on my studio desk. I will post pictures of her later.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come join the fun

I was blog hopping myself and came across this awesome challenge.
The holly image is a reward for people after the enter the challenge.. So, go join the fun

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't forget it is one dollar Wednesday or better yet one dollar week

over at lisas altered art
she has one digital sheet for one dollar each week and changes them on Wednesday. Here is a direct link to yesterday's sheet.
now go to your car seats, the cushions under your couch and find a dollar because you will want this sheet

Blog Hopping Time

We are having a blog hop over at so come join in on the fun.

We’ll have different ways to win: (Each one of these gives you one ticket to win the prize... the more you complete the better chances you have!!!)
1. Sign up to follow our Crop Stop blog. If you use blogger you can do this by clicking the little link that says "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" it is right below the Subscribe and store link to the left side of the blog.
2. Subscribe to our Crop Stop blog. Just select to subscribe to the "Posts" by clicking on the "SUBSCRIBE TO CROPSTOP BLOG" link right below the store logo to the left side of the blog.
3. Announce to the world and your friends that we are doing this blog hop on your own blog.
4. Leave a comment on each of the Creative Team Members' blog
5. Of course let us know with a comment in our CropStop BLOG that you have done one or more of these!

Happy Hopping!

I am so sorry but I guess now I must do this

It seems as there are a couple of men who have nothing better to do with their time then play with my blog. Please I am begging of you do not click on any of their links as it is a virus. They have currently left over fifty posts. I am doing my best to delete these. Until they have found someone else to terrorize I am going to have to go to moderation. I hate doing that but I need to protect my friends here.
And to the two MEN and I use that term loosely please grow up. This blog is for people who enjoy art not your junk you keep posting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting ready to be shipped out

I had so much fun making all of my ATC's but now they are getting ready to be sent away. I was asked by Haylie Jo over at to make some ATC's for her shows. I used the spellbinder ATC die to make all of them. I love that DIE. It is so cool as not only do you get the ATC template you get wings, puzzle pieces, and other adornments. I am also sad to see them go... but I know Haylie Jo will put them to good.
There is a total of 20 in the baggies...

Even more ATC's for Sunday

I had a blast with the one on the left...who's your paddy? lol

All images for that one are from and stamps are the cute dollar ones you find at ACMOORE or Michales. I used the ATC spellbinder die to cut out all my ATC cards. You can find the die at

The ATC on the right is made from backgrounds from 7 gypsies and an old image of a letter. The little boy and girl are from digital collage visions.
Have a great Sunday everyone... it is back to work for me on Monday. I truely enjoyed being off for three straight days.... AWESOME.

More ATC's for Sunday

100_3343, originally uploaded by scrappinmomto2.

Here are a few more ATC's I made today. I am still making tons more. Both ATC's were made with rubber stamps from

ATC's for Sunday

100_3345, originally uploaded by scrappinmomto2.

This ATC was done for my online art class that I teach at A great place to shop and visit. Come join our message board
I used images from where you can find amazing images.
I used stamps from technique Tuesday. Paper is just scraps that I had

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mad Money

So, my wonderful husband put some money into my paypal account for Valentine's Day.
What did I buy you ask? Well, first I went to ACMoore and got a few things then I had to buy Sommerset's Love magazine from the Bookstore.
I then came home and was blog hopping and I found this site for rubber stamps. and I have to tell you they had some amazing fun stamps. I bought some Audrey Hepburn stamps and some funnier than heck senior citizens stamps. I had to have those they are hilarious. I also bought some India ink. And Della the owner sweet as can be. So, seriously if you need some funny rubber stamps stop on over to Della's. Of course check out my etsy shop for some unique artistic stamps too. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Adding tunes to your blog

Now first let me say some folks don't like clicking on your blog link and having loud music blaring through their computer. With that in mind they may or may not stay or even come back. So, here is what I suggest when you are making your player you will have an option to auto start I always say no!. That way if you want to listen to the music I like you can simply click on the play button on my player.
So, let's get busy.... first I would like for you to go to my player see it is over there....... on the right hand side the green thing. Now click on the little arrow that is pointing to the right... that is the play button. can you hear it? turn your speakers on if not. John Mayer is like my favorite artist along with Minnie Driver.... I know I know...Minnie Driver but hey seriously listen to her. She is really good!
So, what do you think? You want one?

Okay now click on the button under my player that says CREATE YOUR FREE PLAYLIST

Now click on Sign up at the very top
The next screen will be a screen for you to register
Fill out the information
then click on continue
Next screen will ask you your name and birthdate
fill that out then click on SIGN UP
The next screen will try and talk you into signing up for junk just click on the NO THANKS located at the top in blue...
You did it you have created your own account
Now you get to choose your music.....
There is a little box that says type in your song or artist
for this example we will type in Jimmy Buffet then click on search
Now the next screen as A TON of jimmy buffet songs
You will see a small button on the left that has an arrow pointing to the right and right below it there is a plus sign.
click on the arrow to hear the music
Like that song? Want it on your playlist? If the answer is yes click on the plus sign. You just added that song to your playlist
Now let's look for songs by Billy Joel
at the top type in Billy Joel click on search
Now do the same thing... Listen to what songs you like and click on the plus sign to add to your player.
You can add over a hundred songs to your player
Now that you have added all your tunes to your player let's get it on your blog.
See up at the top where it says POST MY PLAYLIST?
Click on that
Now it says get your code for a bunch of different groups. We want the bottom one Letter E
Now click on that
It will have your player in blue click on that
Now here is where the fun begins
Your first choice is AUTO START now remember what I said.... some folks just don't like to hear music blaring from their computer when they visit your site. If you don't want that then click on NO if you don't care and you want the music to come on as soon as someone comes to your blog then click on YES
Next choice is random shuffle.
This is simply your choice as the player will shuffle songs for you..... choose either yes or no.....
Now your choice is Custom SKIN to be honest I always say NO because I don't have one yet. When I do get one I will post how to do it... I just don't have time
Now you get to choose the color of your player.... I chose green
Then click on GET CODE
You will see a box with a HUGE and I mean huge code.... YOU MUST HIGHLIGHT THAT CODE and right click on copy
Now back to your blog.... click on customize then click layout then click on add a gadget.
Now click on html gadget.... when that box pops up right click and paste that entire code into that box... click on save then click on view blog...

SEE THERE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN player...... easy as can be....

Now go rock out and remember listen to Minnie Driver she truly is awesome....

Coming later today

How to add an MP3 player to your blog. I have errands to do but later tonight I will have the instructions. In the meantime check out the new backgrounds

Friday, February 13, 2009

OWOH winner
Congratulations to JOY.... Please send me your information at and I will send your stamp set to you asap. Thank you to everyone who submitted your names into the drawing. I didn't win any items this year in the OWOH event but I did get many many new friends from it and that is what it is all about. Thanks everyone.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Live signature

Okay here is lesson two of how to make your blog unique. Today's lesson is Live signature. See my signature? Want a unique one all your own? EASY as pie.
Go here
then type in the little box what you want your signature to say.

for this sample I am typing in
All my best Veronica
then click on next
you will have your choice of over 100 fonts then click on your font that you want.
for this sample I chose number 100 then click on next
Now you get to chose your size. for this sample I chose size two
click on next
Now you will chose your color... I liked the blue so I chose number 6 now click on next
Now you will chose your slope. I wanted this one to be even so I chose number 1
click on next
Now you are done
you will come to a page that has a bunch of buttons and under those buttons it says
want to use this signature? click on that
a new window will pop up that says html or bb click on generate html

then click on generate code for your signature
you will then see a box with your signature in it and below it is the html code.
Save the code to a word document...
then whenever you make a post just go the word document and copy it then paste it into your post.
And tada there you have it

see how easy that was..... Friday I will tell you how to put an MP3 player on your blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Blog and how I do it

I love all your comments and emails. One of the most common email I receive is how do I do the backgrounds and signatures on my blog.
Here is a short explanation. I would be happy to help anyone who needs help in doing this.
First you must have your current blogger template set to minima. I use minima orchre.
Then go here and pick out your favorite background. On the left hand side you will see a catagory for backgrounds. Currently cutestblogontheblock has 350 backgrounds. Then click on the background you like. A paragraph will be under the background that looks something like this.
it will start with style type then a bunch of symbols etc

hightlight that and click on copy. Then go back to your blog and click on layout then click on add a gadget, then click on html for the new gadget. In the top box it says name or something like that maybe title anyway leave that blank. In the box under it paste the code you just copied from cutest blog. Click save and then click on view blog..... and whatta you know? You have a beautiful blog background. Next week I will tell you how to add all the fun gadgets and slide shows. I can even help you add a mp3 player to play on your blog.
GOOD LUCK and don't forget I am here if you need help. It may take a day or two to get back to you but I will. This is my weekend to work so it may be a few days.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mica tiles

Two years ago I received from Rick a huge box of art supplies. You name it I got it. Everything that I had on my must have list was under the tree. Now two years later I am thinking I have mica.....what to do with it. So, if anyone has any ideas of what I can make or examples they would like to share please do so. I have a three day weekend coming up Valentine's Day weekend and I plan on working on some art.
Thanks in advance.

Thursday's ATC's

The two above are using images. The one on the right I used Tim Holtz's love atc stamp.
On the left we have pieces of yesterday. I used a rubberstamp to stamp the background. To be honest I have no idea where the stamp came from but I am thinking rubbernecker. I also used some found jewelry. The one on the right is BE MINE for this one I used images from and some found jewelry for this piece also. I love the little girl with the kitty cat fairy.
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yet another RAK

This blogging world is amazing. The blogging world of artists is even more amazing. I was in dire search no change that in dire NEED of an Audrey Hepburn postage stamp from Canada.
I posted on my blog that I would be happy to pay anyone for their time, the stamp, the gas whatever to find me that stamp. Well, Betty over at said hey I have that stamp in a drawer somewhere. I will send it to you.
Well, today I opened up my mail and what did I see not only one but two Audrey's and THIS amazing sheet of Canadian Recording Artists postage stamps.
Betty, I can't thank you enough ( watch the mail for your canvas). I will say that I meet wonderful artists here on my blog everyday. When I first visited Betty's blog her paintings stopped me dead in my tracks. If you want to see beauty at it's finest and art that will truly make you smile then visit Betty over at
Thank you Betty.... now time for me to pay it forward.......

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A RAK ( Random Act of Kindness) from Joan

Joan sent me this beautiful Valentine Day card. She belongs to the same online art group that I do. Thank you Joan this is just beautiful

p.s. don't look at the ink on the fingers. lol

Sunday's ATC

Today I spent the day making ATC's for as Haylie Jo will be sponsoring the crop station for some mega crops. These will be sent to HJ for her booth. I used the backgrounds from papers found in Cropstops store. I also used some fairies from as well as from here enjoy

Her purse was full of candy

I received a collage sheet from Patty over at and on the sheet were tons of sayings. This saying really was just too cute not to do something with it. I found this image of the three little wee ones on my computer hard drive ( over 30 thousand images) and it hit me. *****The little wee one on the left well, that was my sister Toni and the little wee one on the right well that's me and the little wee one in the center well that is Tommy. Tommy was the cutest little boy you have ever seen. I had such a wee little crush on Tommy and Toni knew it. She had went into our Mother's purse and pulled out some hard candy and was tempting Tommy with it. Every time Tommy would kiss Toni she would give him another piece of candy. She had tucked them into a little bag our Mother gave her. Toni knew that was the only way she could get Tommy to kiss her. She was always the little sister pest. Good thing she grew up to be who she is today and that Tommy married Sally down the street. They had seven kids and he is a gambler in sin city ********

Thus the collage Her Purse was Full of Candy.

Now this collage has been shipped to a wonderful fellow blogger that I have never met but her kindness took my breath away. I posted that I was in desperate need of a Tiffany's Blue Box ( I had no idea that Tiffany's would not sell me a blue box) Beckie from came through with the box. So, Beckie this is yours.

************ The story well, I totally made that up************* This is a found image on the Internet. Google is a wonderful thing.