Sunday, May 31, 2009

just some of my favs

Just some of my favorite photos.
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Some fun photos from the cruise

NCL sure does treat you right
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Images from the ship

All around the ship there were pictures to be had.
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Just some random photos

of alaska. Instead of posting tons of pictures I thought collages would be so much easier. just click on the picture and it will enlarge for you
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Rick and I

Here are some random pictures of Rick and I during the vacation. I must say I so enjoyed this vacation more than even going to Canada. Now everyone knows how I love my Canada but going to Alaska, not having to do anything just watch the beauty of this state was so refreshing. I am now taking sign ups of who want to go in 2011!!!!! NCL Pearl cruise to Alaska in 2011 woo hoo...anyone want to join us?
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Downtown Seattle

What still amazes me to this day is the amount of homeless people in Seattle. It gets so cold there. Here in Virginia Beach I can understand it a little more as it doesn't get cold during the winter. My heart goes out to these folks. 20 years ago during my first trip to Seattle I was getting change for 20's so that everyone I saw I was able to give money too. That was my first experience seeing a homeless person. I aslo added into this collage some sights of downtown seattle.
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Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT Anthony can come cook for me any day and if Mario will whisper Italian in my ear he can
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Emerald Lake

This lake is the color of emeralds. Due to something or another I don't remember the reason but it is the most beautiful color of green.
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More pictures of Sable my new friend

she was so close to the touring van it was unreal. I had the time of my life.
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Victoria B.C. Canada

Wow what a beautiful city this place is. Tons of street performers everywhere. The beauty of this city is amazing. Loved it
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Alaskan Sled Dogs

We actually got to see a camp for sled dogs and some sled dogs in the making. How STINKIN ADORABLE are these puppies?
They were so cute and if you could catch one you could play with it. This was in the Yukon
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NCL Pearl room 9672

Here you go....this was our suite I loved it. Who would have thought you could get a king size bed on a cruise ship? We had what is called an AFT suite. Back of the boat very quiet except for the sound of the wake from the props. We would leave the balcony door open all the way just to hear the wake. I so wished I could hear that sound right now....
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Outhouses take on a whole new meaning

Public Restrooms? well, in Skagway they really are public. lol
Someone had a great sense of humor when they put this smack dab in the center of their yard. We loved it and saw a picture opportunity when it happens...
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Here are just a few of the pictures of Skagway. When we arrived it was early early early so we got up went into town did a little bit of shopping then went back to the boat to meet our tour guide for the day. I will post pictures of the Yukon shortly. I tell you I love this place I want to retire and move to Skagway where we hear it rains 297 days a year if not more. The tour guide said they get about 20-40 days a year without rain and guess what..... it didn't rain the entire time we were there.
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Flowers of Seattle

The day we left was Mother's day and Pike's Market had all these beautiful flowers for sale... GET this TEN bucks for a large bunch of Tulips. OH my Tulips are my FAVORITE well, one of my favorite flowers. Lilacs and Peonies oh and clematis are my most favs but for cut flowers TULIPS are my fav. Rick wanted to buy me a couple of bunches but was afraid the cruise ship would not let us take them on. CRAP guess what? most women had flowers when they were boarding. Shoot....oh well. When we go to Seattle next year for another Alaskan Cruise WE WILL HAVE TULIPS in our suite.
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Our Wedding Vow Renewal

Wow, Rick surprised me with a Wedding Vow Renewal service. OH MY GOD!!!! SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK
I cried like a baby....and this man this wonderful nutty love of my life man got down on his knee and asked me to marry him again. HUMMM what should I say?????? HELL YES!!!!!!!!!
Now does everyone see why I talk about him every waking moment?????? I love love love this man and now you can see why
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I think well it is my personal opinion that EVERY woman should have something from Tiffany's. I would be tickled pink with a charm from Tiffany's. Well, I got to go SEE Tiffany's. It was early Sunday morning and they were not open. Thank god since I had on blue jeans, a comfy shirt and my old faithful blue hoodie. I don't think Tiffany's would appreciate my casual
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Shamu she wasn't but....

She sure put on a show for us. I just had the time of my life watching these whales. I have included snapshots of the humpback whale and the oraca whale. For six hours they put on a show for us. If you ever get a chance you must take an Alaskan cruise and see this amazing place.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our first glance of Seattle

I have been there tons of times but this was our first time together. This is the first picture we took when we got there. LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle.
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Pike's Place

Loved this place. Ton's of great shops.
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Audrey Hepburn has nothing on me....

See..... I got to visit Tiffany's.
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Carla Won

Carla was lucky number 6 and won the rubberstamp set. So, Carla please send me your address and your stamp set will be on it's way to you!!!!! Congratulations

Friday, May 29, 2009

My new best friend

I just thought I would introduce you to my new best friend. Here she is...... this is Sable. She was so kind to let me take her picture. I just love Sable. You must click on the video to see Sable in action. SHE is hilarious.

you gotta see this video!!!!!!! Sable is having the time of her life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

NCL sure does know how to treat us

you couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces
mothers day rick said if we could take these on the boat he would have bought them all. tons of tulips everywhere.

hey rick watch out they throw flying fish here.

Here is our suite on the boat. see the roses? our concierge sent them to me for our renewal of our wedding vows.

We are back

Here you go.... just a few of the over two thousand photos we took while in Alaska. Here is one of Rick and I in front of Mendenhall Glacier In Juneau we saw tons of whales and these little guys
a close up of my new friends

Here we are in Juneau on a whale watch. I have tons of pictures of whales and videos of whales to post