Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh my gosh this is just adorable.

Today is Friday but........ I was in Newark on Wednesday so I wasn't able to post Wednesday's dollar day digi download. So, Now you only have five days to grab this for only a buck
so hurry on over here
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What am I doing you ask?

Well, right in the middle of packing, getting stuff ready to go I am doing a major altered art project. This just isn't an ATC, a canvas or anything like that...oh no.......

I have decided to go all out and I mean all out. Patti and I are doing an altered art exchange of our favorite movies. Well, of course everyone knows mine is Breakfast at Tiffanys but hers is The Wizard of Oz.

Now I could have and almost did go oh yellow brick road, lollipops, bright colors the whole nine yards...and I thought this would be awesome to do a canvas.

Nope didn't do that either....... my wonderful closet artist husband had some great ideas. So, off to ACMoore we went last night. I had already bought my main item I wanted to alter all I needed was some items from Rick's input.

$50.00 bucks later and I had just about everything to do this project. Today I started doing one of the AWESOME ideas Rick had for the base and two hours later I have 1/4 th of it done.

I had to take a break and back away from it before I pulled my hair out. Now that it is on my table behind me I can turn around and look at it and think..... he was so right this is perfect!!!!

As I work more and more on it and use some of his ideas this is going to be cool.
I hope Patti loves it as much as I love making it.

So, back to the project I go as soon as I get this splinter out from under my fingernail.
Happy Saturday everyone

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It is Wednesday and you know what that means

If you like doing ATC's you need this sheet and it is only ONE dollar go ahead you earned this.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

What is $29.99 worth to you?

I am mad, upset, angry beyond words. BUYER BEWARE should be stamped on many websites. I bought a membership to an online source that ended up not being what I thought it was.
In the small print, and trust me there was a ton of it. It says we will charge you every month the first of the month $4.99 for your membership and you cannot cancel it until after six months.
WHAT seriously? are you kidding me? seriously? ( I totally missed that part when I placed my order ( reminder to self buy glasses and read the thing
So, I buy the membership on the 26th of the month and get charged again today for a website I didn't even SAVE!!!!!!
I sent three emails telling them to cancel my membership let's see now what happens.... they can charge me right away on my card but now on their website it says oh it may take 30 days to cancel and only after six months...yay okay right.
So, dear website if you have googled my name and found this site yes, it is you I am talking about and yes I am still very very angry that any website let alone a website for crafters would do this.... So what have I learned from this lesson?
I WILL NEVER EVER make an online purchase unless it is from on of the stores on my sidebar.
I am just hoping this website makes it right. I guess unless you know what you are doing you need to make sure you read the fine print.... lesson learned and it only cost me $29.99
So, for the hundreds of you that read this a day...... I just saved you $29.99
READ THE FINE PRINT..... and now there is always FINE PRINT