Thursday, May 24, 2012

The loss.....

The family is slowly going away.  In talking with my cousin, we realize we are all that is left.  My brother, a few cousins and myself.  Losing a family member is never easy never.
Losing a family is hard as well.  My mother and her other Daughter disowned me, all that is left is just a few not even enough to count on both hands.  Sad but true
Rest in Peace my Uncle ...... Rest.

Uncle Rex lived his life to the fullest.  He left behind a family that loved him more than life itself.  He is now in no pain.  He is with his Mother ( my Grandmother whom I have posted about many times) my Uncle who was always a child locked in a man's body, the Uncle who died to soon to get to know but was a hero to the family.  We now have another set of angel wings looking out over us.
Love Veronica

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A million prayers are needed

I just received an email that knocked me off my socks.  A fellow dear art friend found out she has cancer.  She starts chemo next week.  I am not sure if all of her family know so I won't say who but a million prayers are needed right now for this dear sweet friend and fellow art lover.
You know who you are and know that you are in my prayers.
Love V