Friday, November 30, 2007

AND speaking of Paula Deen

She is also just the most amazing woman I have ever NOT met. I did see her in a store once in Savannah but of course I wasn't going to bother her but just to have her say HEY yall would be the bestest thing ever. I am so totally going to have to get her new cookbook. I just love that woman. Big Daddy says she reminds him of my Mother and well he doesn't really like my mother lol but.......she doesn't like anyone even whatcha going to do?

I know Paula Deen if you are out there will you adopt me??????lol

have a great day ya'll ( getting ready just in case)

Josh Groban

So, I went and found three of my most favorite Josh Grobin songs and added them to my music player so turn up the speakers and just listen......... let it play through to get the entire feeling of his music. He is so totally amazing and his voice can make you just melt.
I mean just imagine to have him sing to you and just you....close your eyes and imagine....
Other than PAULA DEEN this is my other celebrity crush.


I am getting better adding these widgits things to my blog... with the help of Big Daddy.

An early christmas present from Big Daddy

I came home from work today and look what was sitting on my chair.....

Oh my gosh I love my Josh Groban

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Must haves from Bella

I must get these glideabella daisy boardabella cupcakebella dogwaldabella partygirlabella saycheeseabella

Are they not the cutest things you have EVER SEEN????

my favorites by far are glideabella and cupcake abella I LOVE THOSE TWO MOSTEST BUT MUST HAVE THEM ALLEST

Ciera's finished canvas

So, after looking at the canvas I thought what little girl doesn't love glitter ice, ribbons and pearls? Right?

I added all three.....

Here is the final product. Toni I am mailing this to you to give to Ciera.

And the pioneer woman has another

I love love love her cook book too.

She is totally amazing with her photos.

The cinnamon rolls are a must to make

The pioneer woman

This is the most amazing blog I have ever read well other than Toni's...

I love her photos she is totally amazing.

check it out

Oh my gosh I have to have these

Right out of Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation movie.... the melkmug.

You drink your eggnog out of these. I have to get me two of these. They are so cute!

So this worked for Toni maybe just maybe it will work for me

Paula Deen if you are out there I love you girl!!!!!!

Just a hey ya'll would make me melt like butta in my shoes.


Claudine Hellmoth found Toni .....

So Paula if you are out there honey child you are my idol!!!!!!!!!!

Ciera's start of a canvas

What am I missing? Ribbons? Glitter? Flowers?

My new unmounted stamp holders

So, we got these in at work and I just knew I had to have them especially since I know I will never see my library card catalog... so off to three other stores to find more since each store only got one or two. I love these and my stamps are all organized.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay so I have to tell ya

The song Handy Man was the first song that Rick sang to me when we met. It was so cute. He called me and left it on my answering machine. The sweetest thing any guy has ever done for me. Since then he continues to sing his heart out every chance he gets. Alas, not so much just to me anymore but I guess that is what happens after ten years of marriage.

Did you happen to Notice?????

Turn your speakers up cause music is a playin......

This is the music I listen too when creating... hope you enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Go ELF yourself

You gotta see this make sure you turn your speakers up

Thursday, November 15, 2007

great wolf part deux

Here is the water park part

Great wolf lodge

You gotta see this place oh what fun I had today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, today was fun went to ACMOORE nada zip nuthin in my cart... went to Walmart had to buy the Eagles new CD only available at Walmart. Back home to figure out how to upload videos and ta da I did it. So, tomorrow back to work but for tonight ............. going to do some creating.

This is a video of a really funny funny guide

Cal was one of our guides that we book years in advance as a matter of fact we have paid for him five years in advance as he is always booked solid. We just love him.

More fishing videos

here is another of rick

Rick fishing in Canada Video

Finally I have figured out how to add a video. I may add a video of Rick and I having to stamp 100 christmas tins for my employees
anyway this video is of Rick fishing with our Fishing Guide Kenny. I am taking the video and you can hear me talking in the background. I have more videos to post later.

For anyone who loves art

You must see this blog.........

Scroll down and see the most amazing art you have ever seen. She even has one for me!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

What a day this day has been


All I can say is I am glad it is almost over and I am off this weekend. This week was our new Credit card program at work and I have been running ragged all day. I did however stop by ACMOORE today for some fun stuff and my order came in as well as my new bellas.
So, this weekend I plan on having fun fun I say.
I actually just got up from taking a nap. I was so exhausted that as soon as we got done with dinner ( olive garden pasta fagoli soup take out) I went right to bed.

Rick bless his heart has been working on one project for three weeks and had to start all over again this is the third time thus my trip to ACMOORE to find another base for him. Three bases later and let's hope this works but on the bright side for my shopping trip for him I also got some new sculpy clay for
hugs all