Sunday, August 31, 2008

And with that.......part two

We are now 7 days and counting before we leave. I simply can't wait another minute.
I have reservations for dinner each night and breakfast each day at our Chocolate Moose Restaurant.
Woo HOOOOOOOOOOO Can't wait................ Until then I am working on some projects for Crop Stop as I am a guest designer for October. I have it started and will post it when I return from vacation. Can't post anything until the first of October so you will just have to wait until then.

Okay folks last call for Copic Markers

Here is the deal the order is going in on September 28 and I have to have all money in by then. Laurel I will send you your total on Thursday so if anyone wants in let me know. We got a killer deal on the price to order these

The order is going in on the 28th and should be back to me in a week then I turn around and mail them out to you. We save almost two bucks on each marker ordering them from this company. woo hoo

so who is in??????????
hugs V

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Can't believe that in just 12 days I will be blogging to you from Canada. This is a trip that I look so forward to each and every year. It is amazing what living in a cabin on the water away from EVERYONE does to your mind. Rick and I see maybe a dozen cars up there the entire two weeks we are there. We see more wildlife than we do humans.
Our day consists of waking at six am each and every single morning. Breakfast, then out in the boat we go with our guide. Each morning we have a different guide we of course have our favorites but each and everyone is wonderful.
Cal is funny and tells the most craziest stories ever
Mike quiet but will bend over backwards for you
Kenny is all about you what do you want where do you want to go
Steve is very very focused and will not give up until both of us have caught the biggest fish out there and he wants to make sure he teaches you everything he knows and that is a lot since he is top in his field
Then there is John, Big John that is he is just so much fun sort of like a grandpa to me.
We have had others but those are the ones that really stick out. I look so forward to going up every single year. I have made friends with the staff as well. Tracy and her Mom Theresa are so welcoming.
And then there is Dakota, Dakota is my favorite reason for going to Canada. As soon as Rick and I pull up into the drive there is this huge rush and hugs and licks like you have never seen. Dakota runs and jumps on top of Rick and just licks his face until he has sat down and played with her. Dakota is a Chocolate Lab that we have adopted just don't tell her owner Steve.
This year Steve put into the Lodge high speed internet.. still no t.v. and that is fine with us but high speed internet wireless to boot. So, that is why Rick and I went out and bought a new laptop to take this year. So that we can blog from the cabin and upload the days pictures.
Later this week I will take a picture of our suitcases you would think that we are leaving and never coming back.
Now this is just our stuff we still have to stop in International Falls for supplies and food before heading over the border. Then we stop up in Canada for meats and such.

Today I close and tomorrow I work ALL DAY open to close and yes even on Labor Day I work open to close.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel I am off on Wednesday and Thursday those are my last days off until vacation.

Woo hoo

Thursday, August 28, 2008

blogging to you from

my bedroom..... geek squad came out tonight and hooked us up with a fancy smancy high speed wireless internet. the wireless we had before was sllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooowwwww and you couldn't walk ten feet away from it. NOW I can be outside and it will work. Geek squad rocks.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well, I tried

It is a NO GO on the Tiffany Box as the manager of Tiffany's said NO NO NO NO NO they have to protect Tiffany's blue box from people like me I guess. That is sad I would have paid for the box.... So now I am begging my blogging buddies if anyone knows of a Tiffany's or has an old Tiffany box if they would be willing to sell it to me because Tiffany's isn't going to. I read the history of Tiffany's and it sure does say that no matter how much money you have you cannot buy a box you can only have one with a purchase. DARN DARN DARN

I guess I will have to make my own Tiffany box

Here it is

So here it is the new laptop on top of my laptop. This one we are calling the traveling

smaller than mine but it will still work just fine. Geek Squad is coming out Thursday night to install my wireless printer and to fix the routers so that all three computers can be shared (note to self delete all orders before Big Daddy sees

Just kidding.... that is one great thing about BD I can tease and all but I tell you he has only flipped out once when I purchased on the art supplies I have and that was only because he bought me one

Gotta love that man

So, here is the shopping list thus far

Copic Markers ( yes laurel we are getting that order soon) Hey Kari girl let me know what ones you want)

Stampinup order from Carolina

Ordering some really cool brand new nestabilities from cropstop since I am a guest designer I get to use my wonderful coupon code don't forget you can use it too...

Hoping that Tiffany's pulls through so I may have to pay them for the boxes.

Let's see I think that is it........

Not too bad eh?

Hey 18 days and counting then we will be CANADA bound..woo hoo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiffany's Customer Service

So, I emailed Customer Service for Tiffany's and I am so hoping that they will help me out with two jewelry boxes. I have all of my photos ready to go and today I spent some of my day purchasing all the beads, gems, silver, etc for the canvas.
The boxes would just be the icing on the cake. So, if you know anyone who works for Tiffany's and they would be willing to sell me two small jewelry boxes or a medium size box please let me know and I will send you something for it.

I am so excited about this canvas. I actually found a blogger that is as big of an Audrey Hepburn fan as I am. This canvas will take a little longer than my normal two weeks to finish a canvas I am looking at having it completed by end of month October. I want this one to be perfect. Rick and I went to the craft store today and spent a long time just finding the perfect Tiffany blue pearl and gems.

So, Tiffany Customer Service if you are reading this...... ask anyone on my blog roll call I am the real thing and would be so happy to have those boxes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rambling & Art by Veronica

What will using that name get you??????

Well, you will get 10% off your entire order at and she has free shipping on most of her items and get this......... all those really cool nestabilities you see on my blog she has them and also the new boss cuts. Don't have a spellbinders cutter??? NO problem... only have a sizzix????? easy peasy to use all those dies in your sizzix and I would be happy to show you.

so head on over and use that coupon code.......

Rambling & Art by Veronica

Monday, August 18, 2008

My next Canvas will be..........

All about her..... I am going to do a canvas all about Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I am doing the canva totally in black and white with a splash of Tiffany Eggshell Blue, Pearls and Diamonds. So, stay tuned..... the canvas will be coming by the end of September or this weekend depends on when I get back from Charleston South Carolina. I am going to try and talk Big Daddy into visiting some antique shops so that I can find some cool old vintage items to add to this canvas.
I have always loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys and any old movie that she was in. Sadly I have only see the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's once and I really don't remember anything.
I'll never forget one night BD and I were looking online for ideas for Christmas and found Tiffany's website. OH MY GOSH BD could buy me five diamonds for the price of just one Tiffany Diamond. Heck I would just be happy with a Tiffany blue box to add to my canvas. Anyone have one that would want to sell???lol

This is one canvas I really am looking forward to working on. This is going to be so much fun. I mean just look at how beautiful she was......
And of course with the Tiffany Blue I will have to add just a splash of red
Hummmmm okay so I won't be using the smoking one in the canvas at least I don't think I will
This one oh yes.....
So, please stay tuned for Breakfast at Tiffany's
Creative Hugs

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's All About Me ATC

I got the paper from as well as the silver crowns and the atc clear mailers. The image is a found image off of the internet. I used some of those baubles I hand dyed the other day as well as some 3d hearts. The saying is from her saying sheet
the back is a stamp from
now my atc is sealed and ready for a stamp to mail out
oh my gosh I need a manicure I just clicked on the pictures and my poor nails are in bad shape. Guess that is what I get for chewing on my nails and cuticles. Also her lipstick is a little time I will use a smaller point.... oh well sometimes our lips do smudge a little right???

Saturday, August 16, 2008


WOO HOO look here, I got this entire set with shipping for only 50 me if you want to know where or leave me a message and I will get back to you

New order from the ATC store

So, I have found that I really really really like shopping at you can find some really cool stuff to use on your atc's. I even found some mini Tim Holtz Grungeboard to use.

Woo Hoo the mother load from Toni

Just look at all these goodies from Toni, when she purges I get
So purge away Sis, I can always use your leftovers. I love all this fun stuff. Tons of fun stuff to use with poly clay... fun ephemera I am so excited

Okay so I am about to save you hundreds of dollars

here you have them and what they look like. They are by the flower stuff on an endcap and only $.79 cents a bag. woo hoo
I dyed these yes you heard me I dyed these and saved a ton of money. When you purchase these baubles, skittles, dew drops etc whatever you want to call them you will spend about 5 bucks for just a small amount. I went to Michael's and purchased a big bag of these little beads that you use to fill in vases with. I then put them into ziplock bags and added some Tim Holtz Alcohol ink and viola there you have it..... colored dew drops or baubles.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful deep Navy in a dew drop or a bella bauble? Nope neither have I
Look at that red........ I used Red Pepper for the coloring


Oh look what Carolina sent me

First off she knows I love this stamp set and I loved the card when she put it on her blog (see blog roll at right) I was so happy to see she sent it to me... Thank you so much Now onto my Birthday goodies...woo hoo the brand new hot off the press Stampin Up 2009 catalog and idea book. Both a blessing and a okay Big Daddy if you are reading this..hint hint more money in my fun account for Christmas. lol
then she sent me a little brown organza bag full of really cool unity rubberstamps.
Thank you so much Carolina for making this a fantastic birthday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Look what I won from Erica

Isn't it just beautiful??????

I bought this off of ebay from Erica her website is under my blog call.

I love this painting

I made it I made it I made it ........... well sort of

Just found out that I will be a Guest Designer at

I will be a guest designer for October so make sure you go to and join in the fun.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My inspiration was my wonderful husband. Trust your heart ... I trusted my heart years ago and am so glad that I did. The butterfly fairy has wings to fly...... for the past few months I needed wings to fly.

I love this stamp by too much fun. I used gold ink and my white slingo pen. I needed to create something today

So, I thought I would use my new nestabilities from today and here is what I made. I owed someone an ATC so ...... here you go

Update on Copic Markers

We have even a better price that what we thought. I emailed Carpe Diem and asked what our best price would be if we placed a combined order. Are you ready for this?????? $3.56 each for the full size marker not the smaller size ciao. So, here is how it works..... go here
and choose your colors then email me with the colors you have chosen. Once everyone has chosen their colors and we know how many we are getting I will send you a paypal invoice. You will then send me your paypal money and I will place the entire order. I just add a buck or two to cover postage from my house to yours for those of you that know me well, you can ask anyone on the right hand blogger roll call what I am like. Laurel and Kariberry went in on our last order and some other folks. I make NO money on the deal as a matter of fact I usally lose around ten bucks on the outbound shipping but that is FINE with me as I just do this for my friends and blogging friends.
Now Rick and I will be in Canada from September 10 through September 28th so I will try and get this order together before we leave and have it back to me before we leave and sent out to you before we leave. THat is a lofty goal but I will give it my best shot.

okay who's in????????????

Laurel I got your order.

Oh here Email me at with your order.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crop Stop

Okay first off you have to and I mean have to check out Hallie Jo's deals they are amazing. Now, use the coupon code RamblingV for your 10% off. I just bought the spellbinders nestabilites to use in my Sizzix machine. FANTASTIC and easy to use. I will post a video Hallie made on Thursday but check out all the new releases for the fall. AMAZING stuff
here is her link

Sunday, August 3, 2008


You know 30 years ago I was so excited about turning 18 on the 4th of August. I moved out of my mother's house that night after having a slice of cake. My high school girl friend Jana Cole and I moved into a studio apartment. Our rent was $75.00 a month and we split that. Now 30 years later looking at 48 I wonder where my last 30 years have gone?
And where the next 30 years will take me..... I am hoping that the next 30 years will be
- full of life with my darling husband Rick
- a life full of Patience and understanding
- a life full of love and never hate
- a life in Canada or somewhere close
- a life of no regrets

so here is to the next 30 and the last 48!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Present time..... one week to comment and the winner will win Stamps of course.

Need to Buy

Okay I know some of my blogging friends are Stampin Up demonstrators. I would love to buy a catalog from one of you. So, I don't remember I am thinking Carolina and Carla? maybe are SU Demos...... I can't remember I am getting old. Anyway I would love to buy a new idea book from you. I heard all the great news and would love to get one.
whoever answers first I will buy it from........ and then will alternate my orders between the two of you or one of you again I can't remember.
Hugs Veronica

Crop Stop Coupon Code

Okay so, I met this amazing lady named Hallie Jo from and found some great deals on cuttlebug embossing folders ( all the new ones) and Spellbinders Nestabilities. So, get this SHE IS GIVING all my BLOGGING friends a %10 percent off coupon code for all purchases over $20.00. Use coupon code RAMBLINGV isn't that great?????

So seriously go check out her site and see all the great deals on all kinds of die cutters, dies, embossing folders, brads, etc. and most of it ships free to the U.S.

Remember coupon code RAMBLINGV will get you 10% off your entire purchase over $20.00 plus most items ship free.

The new Cuttlebug embossing folders that are only for a limited time she has those too.

Have fun and don't forget your coupon code.