Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rick's Love Gift to me

Everyone or at least I think everyone knows I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I am truly the luckiest girl I know.  While at Starbucks last week I noticed they were selling these frothers for 59.99 plus tax so like 65.00.
I asked about the frother and the barista said it really works well.  Now here is the thing we just got out of Christmas so do I really want to spend 65.00 on a milk frother.
I said no so I bought my coffee and left.
The next day Rick shows up to my work and says I have a surprise for you in the car.  Sadly we were so busy I couldn't step out to see the surprise.
When I got home he surprised me with this Starbucks frother.  Love at first sight.  So today I put the frother to use and just look at the outcome.  I now am the Barista that I always wanted to be....

So here is the machine

And here is the froth or foam

And here is the perfect cup of coffee or cappuccino 

A little miracle in a box....thank you baby I love it

Valentine Tags

So while I was surfing Pinterest one day I found someone had posted art they had done using Sherri Baldy images.  I had to find these images.  I was lucky and found her on ETSY.  Below is the image I purchased from her.  I am going back to buy more.  I love these digi stamps

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Art

Here are two tags I made today to go on Rick's presents.  

 This one I love....................  too cute

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My deal of the century

My printer had a fall from grace the day after Thanksgiving. Actually it has not been all that great for about a month.  I tried to print something out and well, let's just say.  My printer fell about 5 feet 6 inches to the concrete.  After picking it up and throwing in the trash Rick and I went online to find a new printer for me.  We came across this 300.00 printer that was a closeout for get this 99.00 at  
So I ordered it and asked that they send it to me asap....well it was on back order so here I think a month or two but nope it came the very next week.  Lexmark paid 56.00 to send this priority mail to me.  So let's do the math...  99.00 less 56.00 for shipping Lexmark only made 43.00 for this huge printer.  It is just like a copier that you use at the office.  WOW is all I can say.  I totally love this printer.  I called them back to order one for Rick to only find out they are sold out and will not have again.  They are now only making Laser printers.....too bad but I will share.  ;o) 

Ballroom Dancing

Who needs Dancing with the stars when you have Rick?
This is one of his package tags I made for him.  We keep saying let's take dancing lessons.  Now I hope we really do.  I love the idea of dancing around with my favorite guy!

Why yes Veronica there is a Santa Claus

Each year Rick and I exchange gifts.  Each year we say.....just one or two honey then let's do it right when we go on vacation to Europe.  This year it was Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.  Next year it is Greece and Italy..... so let's just save and go crazy there.......Right... um no way.  
He thinks he is the ultimate gift giver which he has won every single year...this year though I think I might have given him the perfect gift.  I don't know I will let you know on the 26th.  But the sports car I think is a great idea.  Now if he could just find it under this tree.  ;0) 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making tags today

Let's face it....this time of year can be very very stressful for me at work.  When I am in my studio I forget everything and just get lost in my work.  Today I so needed a studio day.
 I made this tag for Rick's Christmas gifts
 I had purchased this new paper edge punch and wanted to try it out.  I love the classic look of the punch.  Olive and  Burgundy have always been two of my all time favorite Christmas colors

This little gal, oh how cute.  I love the saying and using orange was a little off the holiday colors but I like it

 And then there is this one I started.......  I love her she is inspired by the book 50 shades of Gray.  I am stuck on the I haven't finished her yet.
I was thinking
Who needs Victoria's Secret when you have Veronica's Secret...still thinking that one out

 I love her hair and wings
 A close up of the flowers and leaves....

 Not sure if you can see put each flower has a cute little star in the center

 I just love this saying....... we go
Images are from Simply Betty
and from Saturated Canary
paper is from various vendors mostly MME
I used copics to color the images
Dies used are memory box, tim holtz and spellbinders.