Saturday, April 25, 2009

Movie Review of Grey Gardens

Last night I was able to finally watch the movie Grey Gardens on HBO. This movie had Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange both did a fantastic job of acting in this movie. I had heard about Grey Gardens as it was on Broadway so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the movie or not.
I did and I would recommend the movie to anyone. Currently it is on HBO on demand for free!
What is amazing is the truth behind this movie. I am trying to locate the original documentary from 1975 to watch. Just seeing how two women from such wealth could fall to such poverty was wow, words escape me.
It was just a good movie....... so watch it when you can.
Oh here is some information on Grey Gardens

See everyone in a week

I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow. Detroit here I come!!!!! Don't worry I will return on
Just need to go for a week to do some training. While I am gone make sure to keep darling hubby company. I think this may be the longest we have been apart.... not to worry because as soon as I get back six days later we head out for Alaska.
hugs to all

Thursday, April 23, 2009

IT is Wednesday well, okay Thursday

Here is Wednesday's Dollar day digi sheet. Go to and click on one dollar wednesday. what an adorable sheet. the tuplips are my FAV.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A week to prepare all the food for the family

the front door

More neighbors and friends were everywhere in the house. There are still more in other rooms... pretty veggie trays

Here is the cake

his dad on the left, his brother, rick's cousin from chicago, and the neighbors

opening up tons of cards

streamers everywhere

tissue paper everywhere

Well, today was the big part for Rick's Dad and to be honest it went very well. His Dad had his family ( the elders) and the neighbors here.

Foot Wars

Several years ago I found these Cole Hann slippers and just about died for them. Died because Rick found out I paid 89.99 for a pair of freaking

But I love Cole Hann so here you go T foot wars is back on.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

boy did I get suckered

So, I see Grey Gardens and come to find out it is just trailers for it.... shoot. So, instead we watched the vegas show with Ashten Kutcher and Cameron Diaz...too cute.

Saturday night

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone tonight. Rick and I are going to put the last finishing touches on the birthday party for tomorrow. There is still food to cook, decorations to finish and a great movie on T.V.
Hbo has grey gardens on demand so I have talked Rick into watching Grey Gardens with me.
Have a great night everyone and talk to you tomorrow.

A good mail day

Over at My favorite things they had buy any four stamp sets for only 50.00 bucks. Now most of their stamp sets are 15.95 and 17.95 so a great day anyway you look at it with free shipping too.
So, I ordered four but one was back ordered so I have three of the four here. I love these stamp sets and can't wait to use them
then earlier today Rick and I had to pick up 45 balloons and it took them almost an hour to fill them up so we ran over to acmoore and I found these cute ATC stamps for only a buck each. So, I bought these and a pack of glossy paper for 16.99 now if anyone can give me ideas where to find cheaper glossy paper I am all for it. I also had to buy three canvas boards because I need to do three canvases before leaving for Cananda.
Everyone have a super great Saturday
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Veronica ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am a couple of days late

but I didn't forget.....

it is one dollar wednesday at

so hurry on over and pick up this week's digi sheet as you can see the sheet this week is slides. You can use these for microscope slides and if you don't have the microscope slides use acetate plastic as you will get the same effect.

You can also emboss the edges for a really cool look. I just love using these slides on my atc's and cards.

as always make sure you tell Lisa I sent ya......

hugs Veronica

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ( thanks Dottie for my hearts, )

My goodies from cropstop

okay so I took these pictures in the I didn't have time to pull out the fancy smancy camera or photo box rick made for me....
Rick and I have this good thing going is called mad money. Each month we both add some made money to our paypal accounts. Of course he buys fishing stuff and I buy art stuff. Tim Holtz came out with an entire new line of alcohol inks and of course reinkers for his distress pads. I have ordered every single reinker and package of alcohol inks this is just a picture of the first shipment. Haylie jo has all of them so head over for a great deal.
And then of course I had to have all of Tim's new stamps on the right and his old faithful on the left. I will be busy creating this weekend. Leave a comment with your blog addy so I can come visit you to see what you create this weekend.
hugs Veronica

When you find someone like this

you never leave them...... and no I am not talking about Rick during this entire
About a year ago I found an online store here and have been a devoted loyal shopper ever since. Then out of the blue I was asked to be a guest designer wow, are you serious? Yes was my answer so I did that for TWO months. Then I get a phone call saying hey how would you like to have your own forum for ATC's? Again, are you serious? you must be kidding right??????
No says Haylie Jo I am serious. Well, yes of course I would.
Since then the rest is history shall I say. But that isn't the reason for this post this is.....
I place an order and it shows up at my door just a few days later and depending on what I order shipping is usally I ask you in today's way of doing business how many places do you shop where shipping is free????? And if the items I don't order have free shipping well, if you place an order of 35.00 bucks your shipping is free ( usa). Seriously, where?
Most places charge 8.95 for shipping that's two ink pads for me or almost two rubber stamps.
Not at so all I ask of you today is just to go check it out. That's all just pop on over and check out the deals.
And if you want why not join the forum and then join in on my ATC challenge. Come have fun.

I will post a picture later of my latest finds at cropstop it is amazing........

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He did it again

Well, Rick has done it again. This time he has added another vacation in the mix for this year. Just when I thought the cruise next month, the week in the mountains in September was enough. He informed me honey we are going to Canada in August to spend a week fishing. He keeps surprising me daily. Living and being married to him is a surprise behind every smile, every day, every laugh, every turn. And boy am I ever so glad and yes I know everyone is thinking GOSH one more post about how wonderful Rick is I am going to puke well...... can I get ya a
I would love to say I am sorry but to be honest I wake up every morning thinking oh my how lucky I am to have found this one.
I think back to the ex husband, the ex fiances, the ex wanna be's and wow, thank god I waited for the perfect one.
Oh and on a side note someone asked me how we met so .........

I had just moved to Boston from a little town in Indiana and was scared to death of the big city.
One weekend I decided to drive to Maine and shop at the huge outlet mall in Kittery. I walked into LLBEAN and was looking to buy a winter coat for my step father. I asked this gorgeous man to help me and would he mind trying on this coat so I could see if it would fit my dad. This hot guy was shopping for himself and was alone so .....why not.

Well, after coffee the rest is history we never spent a day away from each other after that........ He would be at my house if I wasn't at his.
Funny story....... When he went with me to my parents home for Christmas and here my Dad is a big guy.... heavy set short etc and Rick is tall, lean and not an ounce of fat on his body. He pulled me aside and said I don't think that coat will fit your dad. I laughed and said oh honey I returned that coat and bought one that would fit him. He got a good laugh out of it too.

Happy Easter everyone..........

Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

You know I was thinking as I was driving home today of all the wonderful RAK's I have received throughout the years and the RAK's that I have given.
It is wonderful to receive an RAK and even more wonderful to give one and have someone smile when they open it up.
Today I walked into my studio and Rick had placed this envelope on my desk that was from Vicki a fellow Design Team Member from . When I opened up the envelope there was some adorable easter egg stamps and three sheets of collage art from art chix studios.
Wow, Vicki thank you so much. I will take a picture tomorrow and post for everyone to see. The card she made is so cute it is of a candy bar with foil and everything. LOVE IT

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How I spent my day

Today I woke up early to have my usual pot not cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I then spent the morning answering emails, reading blogs, updating my ATC board etc. Then I spent almost three hours studying yes now I must study for work. I will be leaving everyone for a week in a couple of weeks headed to Detroit Michigan. Now, I am not complaining as I at one time lived just outside of Detroit in a little town called Metamora and made friends with a wonderful gal named Sue. So, I am hoping that Sue can drive down to my hotel one night and we can have dinner together.
If not here is how my week will go...... arrise at 6 a.m. meetings until 6 p.m. Dinner at 7 bed at 9.
I don't mind it I really don't as a matter of fact I am really looking forward to this meeting.
Today I spent a couple of hours setting up my Ipod with tons of songs. I think I may have roomf for twenty more songs. I did this for the flight to Detroit and of course the flight to Seattle the week after I get home from Detroit.
This evening it took forever to figure out what is wrong with my Microsoft office program. I still can't get it to work.... I just uninstalled it and will try and figure it out later. Thank god Rick has Office on his computer which as we speak is less than two feet away from mine.

Talk to everyone later.......

IT is Wednesday well, okay Thursday

and you know what that means????? It is one dollar digi sheets at
So, hurry on over and pick up this adorable bottlecap sheet for only a buck. And make sure you tell her Veronica sent you!!!!!!!!!
I don't have this one I am off to buy it too...

Always make sure you click on her what's new girl so you can see what she has next.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Look what I found at TJMAXX

The stickers below are from her working girl line. The price was awesomeBelow I got the coin purse for 1.99, the key chains were only .79 cents each and the magnets were only .99 cents each.
Are these not the coolest? Gotta love Anne Taintor.

Anne Taintor merchandise. I had to have one of everything I found. I just love all of Anne's funny things.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April's Crop stop challenge

This month it was all about movement. So, I used a rubberstamp that I had made from a picture of Actually it is from the Sexy Seniors line. So, I can decide how I feel by moving my arrow so tonight I shall feel SEXY...... and maybe a little flirty oh what the heck add in a little hotness with it.

So, come on over to where I am the ATC coordinator and join us in our monthly challenges.

A rare find and it is all mine!!!

I was looking for this pattern online and found only one for $56.00 dollars. Now mind you this pattern only cost a quarter back in 1940!
I thought I really want this pattern but do I really want to pay $56.00 for it. Well, I put it in my shopping cart on one screen then thought let me see if I can find it on ebay. I typed in McCall's pattern number 884 and nothing....... how disappointing. Then I put into the search engine vintage apron pattern and 456 patterns popped up. I went through each and everyone of those patterns and look what I found!!! Yes, McCall's pattern 884 with a starting bid of $5.99 or a buy it now of $39.99. Was I feeling lucky? Should I just buy it now? Should I put in a high bid and just pray? Well I did the later and look what I won for $5.99! The pattern that I have been searching months for.
Now I did want to make sure this pattern got here safely so I asked for priority shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation. It arrived yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now I am taking a vote.....what should the first apron I make look like? I was thinking lemon or lime color but I am open to any ideas. Shabby Chic? Lodge themed? ideas??????

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Introducing Mrs Wright and her art students

A couple of weeks ago Barbra joan posted on her blog a picture of Mrs. Wright and her art students. This picture was taken in 1888. I knew at that very moment I had to have this in my studio. So, I asked Barbra joan if I could print off the computer a copy of her picture and put it in my studio. She said I will do one better I have an extra copy and will send it to you. Well, it is HERE and I am so excited. I will have this professionally matted and framed and will put right above my computer desk in my studio. This way I can view it daily. Barbra joan thank you so much for your amazing generosity. I truly love this photo.

A gift from Barbra joan

I received these handmade papers, envelope templates and beautiful water color painted book mark from Barbra joan.
As you can see I have been trying out my light box that Rick made for me. Gotta love that guy I mean seriously who else would stick around for over an hour and help me. Love love love him

A random Act of Kindess from Joan W

Joan from an Affair with Art sent me this random act of kindess. It is a really cool online art group. When I opened my mail today look what was there? I love this banner of beautiful spring birds. Thank you so much Joan!!!!
you rock tweet tweet

A new picture box in the making

Rick made this picture box for me. Stay tuned for pictures

Just call me Mrs. Plan everything

There was a time years ago that I would just go with the flow. Fly by the seat of my pants type of girl.
THEN age set in and the feeling that if I don't plan out everything I might forget something.
My wonderful husband, the man I love with all my heart is a go with the flow kinda guy. And I know I annoy the hell out of him with my let's make a list of everything. I have to have every minute of every day planned out.
Dinner is everyday at 5:30 no exceptions
My day off every week is always Thursday (unless like this week I have a meeting) no exceptions
I pack for vacations two or three weeks in advance no exceptions.
I have to have a plan for the airport, the rental car, shuttle service, hotel, etc NO exceptions
I must have hotel arrangements months in advance the miles we travel each day balanced ( No exceptions.
We are planning on traveling across Canada on Highway 17 which goes from one end to the other and just stopping when we want and staying wherever we want and that scares the hell out of me.
I just want to scream at the top of my lungs WHAT THE HELL happened to that carefree fly by the seat of her pants girl? AND CAN I GET HER BACK FAST!!!!!
You see I need her back and fast because we leave for Alaska in just over a month. I want to be free, live free, and not have a care in the world in the most amazing place in the world.
So, any ideas? How can I get over this OCD thing I have just developed since I oh my god I can't believe I am saying this..... am getting close to 50!!!!!!!!

Where oh where did that girl of the 30's go? And who stole my last 20 years? And please give them BACK! and when you do could you give me back that size 10 body? PLEASEEEEEEEEE

It is Wednesday again and you know what that means?

Look at this fantastic sheet. It is only $1.00 now come on where on earth can you find this fun sheet for just a dollar? Ummmm NO WHERE.... so hurry up and head over to visit Patty at for her One dollar deal and you can download this fun sheet for your art projects.

Only a buck click here
oh and don't forget to check out all her new stuff too

Many posts will be coming today

but first....

Thank you Joan for my passion award.

I love it.

Stay tuned for some new stuff coming