Friday, April 17, 2009

When you find someone like this

you never leave them...... and no I am not talking about Rick during this entire
About a year ago I found an online store here and have been a devoted loyal shopper ever since. Then out of the blue I was asked to be a guest designer wow, are you serious? Yes was my answer so I did that for TWO months. Then I get a phone call saying hey how would you like to have your own forum for ATC's? Again, are you serious? you must be kidding right??????
No says Haylie Jo I am serious. Well, yes of course I would.
Since then the rest is history shall I say. But that isn't the reason for this post this is.....
I place an order and it shows up at my door just a few days later and depending on what I order shipping is usally I ask you in today's way of doing business how many places do you shop where shipping is free????? And if the items I don't order have free shipping well, if you place an order of 35.00 bucks your shipping is free ( usa). Seriously, where?
Most places charge 8.95 for shipping that's two ink pads for me or almost two rubber stamps.
Not at so all I ask of you today is just to go check it out. That's all just pop on over and check out the deals.
And if you want why not join the forum and then join in on my ATC challenge. Come have fun.

I will post a picture later of my latest finds at cropstop it is amazing........

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