Sunday, April 19, 2009

Foot Wars

Several years ago I found these Cole Hann slippers and just about died for them. Died because Rick found out I paid 89.99 for a pair of freaking

But I love Cole Hann so here you go T foot wars is back on.


Toni said...

Well I can't beat that by way of COST of shoes, being as I shop at Payless (you show-off) ... but dang, I LOVE those slippers, I mean it! Ok, ok ... let me see what I can come up with next, Wench.

Veronica said...

that was then...... tjmaxx
but hey even the maxx carries cole hann...we just got some off sizes in for 39.99. there was one size 9 red loafer that I almost got but it was just a tad too big...

somethingcraftybydottie said...

Well I went looking trying to Help here is a sight but I don't think Rick would be happy with these prices either.
Shopping results for Cole Haan slippers
Oslo Slipper $52.00 - Neiman Marcus
Cole Haan Women's ""Laila"" Slippers $80.50 - Bloomingdale's
Cole Haan Air Owen Slipper : Cole Haan Men's ... $125.00 -

But as you can See the mens slippers are even more . LOL
Well Hope you had a wonderful day and all went well. chat with you soon.
Hugs ;}