Sunday, April 19, 2009

A week to prepare all the food for the family

the front door

More neighbors and friends were everywhere in the house. There are still more in other rooms... pretty veggie trays

Here is the cake

his dad on the left, his brother, rick's cousin from chicago, and the neighbors

opening up tons of cards

streamers everywhere

tissue paper everywhere

Well, today was the big part for Rick's Dad and to be honest it went very well. His Dad had his family ( the elders) and the neighbors here.


Barbra Joan said...

Oh good, I want to be the first to say 'beautiful party, beautiful food, beautiful house and beautiful you. A Happy Birthday to Ricks dad. It looks like everyone had a great time, and I bet your glad its OVER!

somethingcraftybydottie said...

So Glad to know it all went so well, see Rick was stressing for nothing! You both did a wonderful job and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time. The food looked very nice. Everything was well decorated for your Father in law. ( you both should be proud of your accomplishments) Happy Birthday to Ricks Father. and Wish him many many more. Fast question did the ELDERS stay in Check ? Bet they didn't give anyone any problem. they knew better I am sure! Actions speak louder then words.
God bless you both you gave a lovely affair..
Hugs ;}

Holly said...

Let me know when the drugs wear off...or if you let them ever again!

Toni said...

LOVELY!!!! FUN!!!!! (I do love streamers and balloons.) I'm so so glad for Rick's sake that all went well; I know it was a lot of stress for you both in preparing, and then family dynamics (always that extra added bonus, huh?) ... his Dad looks just as I'd pictured him, isn't that funny? Is he the kind of guy you can hug? cuz that was the reaction I had to his photos. I bet he could also kick your keister at a game of checkers or chess.

Vicki said...

Wow, Veronica! That was quite a bash you had at your place! A belated HB to Rick's dad! You both certainly outdid yourselves!