Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OMG you will never believe this!!!!

Rick surprised me with BOX SEAT VIP tickets to Jimmy Buffett!!!!!!!
I am totally so excited!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

for a dear friend

I have an art friend that we swap art items back and forth too. You will find the amazing canvas she sent me further back in the posts. this is the canvas I am sending to her.
I hope she enjoys it
along the side is my favorite quote by audrey hepburn....you can tell what a man things of a woman by the size of earrings he buys her.
love that....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow what a week

First I had the pleasure of going on a business trip outside of the U.S. now seriously how many get to do something like that working retail?
Not many you say and you would be right.
But then.............................................. Guess who eats tuna for lunch and gets food posioning? Did you say Veronica? well if you did then you would be so right.
I was dying!!!
I think I prayed 8 times that night to just take me that I couldn't stand one more second of life.
Everyone was in my room from the hotel clerks, front desk manager, hotel manager, my peers, my bosses you name it.
There I am throwing up everything I think I have eaten in the last month!
Death would have been so much easier than what I had to go through.
Now I have to tell my poor husband who is so far away that his wife is dying.
Rick felt totally helpless and there seriously wasn't anything he could do.

The first night I had to beg for everyone to please just let me lay here and die. I had everyone knocking on my door every 30 minutes or calling me. ( understand I appreciated it so very much but at the minute I just wanted to die)
Next day I knew there wasn't anyway I could get up and attend the meeting there simply wasn't so I had to make the most dreaded phone call of my life.
My boss was so kind all of them were and there were tons of bosses there.
Two of the female supervisors offered to sleep in my room for the night ( can you imagine?) I mean seriously what other company would you have not one but two of your fellow workers offering to spend the night with you.

I ended up sleeping in until 10 then going down to finish the meeting. I was able to do my part of the meeting and when there were breaks or smaller breakout groups that I didn't have to attend back into bed I went.
I was setting the alarm clock on my phone to wake me up in 45 minutes several times.

I made it through the meeting but needless to say I skipped the dinner that night. As a matter of fact I haven't eaten a thing ( except for a slice of toast since Wednesday noon) I have lost 6 lbs since Monday ( not the best way to lose that is for sure)
Today I did just eat some Wheat Sun Chips and looks like I am keeping those down.

After all that my amazing and I mean amazing husband surprises me when I got home with a few gifts.
first is my wonderful I Pod Touch you know the best of the best Ipod woo hoo
then he gives me $300.00 for my mad money account and...............................................
bless his heart he even makes me white rice to see if I can keep it down.
Okay so now I am off to figure this thing out