Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot off the press and you are the first to see it

This just in from Patty at lisas altered art Halloween slides and charms and folks let me tell you get these now. THESE ARE TOTALLY amazing. And did I say they are only two bucks each? come on you can't find anything like this for only two bucks each. Click on the pictures to see how awesome they are then run right over to or click on my Patty link above and add to your cart. She takes paypal and for four bucks you get both sheets.
Once again....... I do not know Patty, not on her design team nothing....I just know good quality when I see it and folks this is awesome quality. I print all my images out on photo paper and AWESOME colors etc.
Halloween is coming so let's get started quickly on getting ATC's done for Halloween or our Altered Art.

Update on Joes Crap Shack

Well, they did send me a $25.00 gift certificate and I will use it but not at this one. I will drive the fifty miles to use it in Hampton. Thanks Joes Crap Shack....I still feel you owe me for my husands too but hey......... 25.00 for crap.... I think I can find a few glasses of wine to cover that

My birthday cards a little early and some awesome gifts

I have received a few birthday cards and gifts already and my birthday isn't until next Tuesday
These are from all my friends over at cropstop!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone
Then yesterday there was a box full of zucchini bread that rick had bought me online. You see I love that bread love it love it love it.

This just in from Patti

sent me this awesome ATC. We have been trading ATC's back and forth and this was my choice...poetry. I sent her a an ATC far and away...and this is the one I got....I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I received from Dottie

Isn't this just adorable? I love this floral arrangement that Dottie sent to me. Thank you so much and do you see the cute little fish?????

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It is one dollar wednesday at

so hurry on over for this baby it is adorable. A real must have. I actually am running over to buy it myself right now

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dottie's post

Dottie left a message saying that I won the flowers in Memory of her Mother's Birthday today. When I read that post tears came to my eyes. What I wouldn't give to have a relationship with my Mother. What is even sadder is my Mother is alive. I have written several times on here about how my Mother doesn't like me and to this day other than having married a man who isn't of her religion I haven't a clue as to why she will not have anything to do with me.
I have sent her emails, have sent her pictures but to no avail. She actually changed her phone number so that I couldn't contact her. Now there are always two sides to every story and I know that. I would love to hear what she thinks I may or may not have done but alas she won't even talk to me.
I don't know I guess I don't understand how you can just toss your children aside. Okay I get it I am not 20 years old I am almost 50 and she is almost 70 so...... wouldn't you think she would try to help fix whatever it is I have done or not done.
If fixing it means I have to live the way she wants then I guess it will never get fixed. Prejudice is such a sad thing and thank god I took after my Grandparents who were not prejudice .

holy smokes I won

woo hoo..... I won one of Dotties floral pieces yay baby!!!!!

Oh my gosh she wants to know what kind..... oh boy oh boy I have to think.......
okay I chose
navy blue
hunter green
and a splash of red for the cabin look
lime green
splash of pink and purple for the girly girl in me for the studio.
thanks so much Dottie

ATC's for today

Tim Holtz has seven new sets of clear stamps that are on sale at Michael's for $14.99 each. Of course I am a deal searcher so I found them for $6.00 each and free shipping so I bought all seven.
This ATC is for Patti. Our theme this month was poetry. Mine is So Far Away, Yet always Close by Steve Forsythe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joe's Crab Shack YOU OWE ME

Today Rick took me out an early dinner to celebrate the finishing of my remodel. OH MY GOD public service announcement do not eat at Joe's Crab Shack. My food was horrible. The manager came over said I will deduct the price of your salad from your meal okay thanks but what about the shrimp that was not cooked long enough or how about the six french fries on my plate or how about the fact we waited sixteen minutes for the girl to bring our credit card back?
Better yet how about the fact that our server was more interested in dancing when they played certain songs...... So, if you are ever in Virgina Beach do not eat at the Crab shack.
This is my personal opinion from my personal experience!!!!!!!!!
So, Joe if you are out there email me and I will give you my address so you can return my fifty bucks!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adorable one dollar Wednesday

This week's one dollar deal is simply adorable. That is all I am going to say.... tutu sweet.
So stop on over and visit Patty at

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Woke up today with a killer headache. NO mojo just blah blah blah
I do plan however on making a few ATC's today. Will post them later.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

From my sister Toni

She just got back from England and sent me these gifts. For Rick she sent him the metal double Decker bus.....what she doesn't know is that I have now taken it and can't wait to alter it. I have some amazing England stamps..that would go perfect with this as a background. I have the phone booth, the guards, the cars I will stamp them make them stand up right and use the bus in my scene. I will keep it on his side of the
Now onto what she bought me first a leather Beatrix Potter bookmark. Now I read every single day during my lunch hour. I take my book go into the breakroom and read while I eat my lunch. I just love to read.
She also sent me this awesome Chatsworth coaster. I don't want to use it as it is awesome. The soap smells like lavender.
Thank you so much Sis I love it.........
Our lovely mother and Toni went to England without me. Now I ask you where is the equality in that????
Oh perhaps I should add that I have never met Toni nor our lovely mother. I have just been adopted by them and I have also adopted them.
Toni and I have been friends for almost seven years now via the internet. Molly Toni's mother adopted me a year or two ago. Since my mother disowned me....

My life in six words

A while ago I was challenged to describe my life in six words.
Here is where I posted my answer

And while I stick by that I think our lives do change and therefore I would like to change my six words and would love to hear how you describe your life in six words.
So, with that said
Today I would describe my life in six words by saying this

Blessed to call Rick my husband

and if I only had a few more words I would have said... my husband my friend my life partner the one I want to grow old with and finish my life with.
But then that would be cheating... so how would you describe your life in six words?

Pretty cool mail day and a little treat

Yesterday Rick's Ipod fried and I mean fried. So, what does he do? Buy himself a new IPOD ?nope he buys me one and takes my old one. And he bought me lime green!!!! my favorite color.

I received this in the mail from Marilyn she belongs to my crop stop group. I love it. thank you so much. OH MY GOD I just realized that seriously my birthday is in just a couple of weeks. And if you must know I will be 28 yep that is my story and I am sticking to it. Then I got this from Elaine again from my crop stop group. I love it you should see the ATC she made using a Hershey chocolate wrapper. too funny
But did you see those flowers she made? oh my gosh beautiful. and she enclosed a full size Hershey bar. I think that was gone in under a minute.

So, I have my new lime green ipod on right now listening to John Mayer. Jimmy Buffet was just playing so now it is John's turn.
Have a great Saturday and tomorrow I plan on posting some new art with all those Tim Holtz stamps I bought.
So, while John sings waiting on the world to change I think I shall think about fixing dinner. I am going to guess Rick might be hungry.
love to all

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boy do I feel stupid

I guess you need to read the fine print and then re read it and then maybe have your attorney look at it.
Case in point I received a beautiful ATC mini art canvas and thought oh my gosh I must have more. So, I search the Internet and find a sale for six bucks quantity 10 so I am thinking I am going to receive ten for six bucks awesome deal....
Duh Duh is six bucks for each tiny canvas. I could have went to dick blick and bought four for that amount of money.
And stupid stupid me..... bought another from her thinking oh how cool I will have TWENTY. duh I feel so stupid right now

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to get ready for Halloween

and this week for only a buck you can get this digi image from patty at
so hurry on over before this sheet magically dissapears.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

hello my name is Veronica and I am addicted to

rubber stamps!!! talk about a good mail day. look at all the tim holtz stamps that I got. woo hoo then I got some of stamping bellas rubberstamps and my favorite things rubber stamps and a few of just my style rubberstamps.

I was so dissapointed with my timmy.... of all the sets he released at the carson city stamp show I only need three.... or should I say I am happy I only need three....

For those of you who are shopping over at there is a ltitle bit of a Technical Difficulty that will be fixed shortly.
You can still place orders but the email address doesn't work. But come on over and check out the message board and gallery.

For the love of Kallie

There is a little girl who lives in Canada that is just the cutest little thing. Her Mom and Dad are friends of ours. When we go to Canada we try and steal Kallie away for a night to visit the bears at the dump. She is a seasoned bear spotter. Rick and I always send Barbie dolls to her every year for Christmas and we will take Barbies up with us every year during the summer. This year I have some Barbies to take up to her. You gotta pay a good Bear Spotter luckily this bear spotter takes payment in the form of Barbies... What fun to make this canvas. I took a canvas and inked it up using Stampin Up ink pads. The I used decoupage and added some scrapbook paper. Printed off a few pictures of my Kallie and there you have it... Just toss in some beads, glitter, ribbons and flowers

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow, look what came in the mail

Meeting fellow artists is so wonderful. I stumbled across Patti's blog and asked her if she would like to do a couple of ATC swaps with me. She agreed this is what she sent me in the mail.
It actually is an ATC streached canvas!!!! our theme was Summer Serenity and I would say she totally hit this out of the ball park. Thank you so much

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Two for one Digital sheets at lisa's So you will get both sheets for only a buck. Come on you can't beat that deal anywhere. Stop over to lisas altered art and buy yours today.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Haylie Jo over at gave me this awesome code ARTFUL and what does using the code ARTFUL get you?
10% off your entire purchase over 30.00 bucks. WOW...... go check her out
she even has TIM HOLTZ now ya'll know me and if I can find Tim Holtz at an awesome price I am going to sing it from the rafters. Plus I am on the Design Team there and have a monthly challenge some come on over and join the fun

Let's talk Zetti , ATC's and paper dolls

First you will need this image and for only $2.00 it can be yours in two seconds from Now many of you may think that I am Lisa but I am not. There really is a Lisa but she is a little girl. Patty owns Lisa's alterd art and Lisa is her daughter. I have never met Patty, Lisa or anyone else there. Believe it or not I am not even on her design team. I just know value and good business when I see it and trust me Patty is all the above.
Take this sheet.... now it looks funny and cute right? Well, look below as to what you can make with this adorable sheet.

I took and made this ATC and the atc will fold up since I used brads to attach the arms, legs etc. I can simply fold it all up and mail out.

I added some words from Lisa's ( Patty's) word sheets which can be found here
a little lamp stamp that I bought from oh I have no idea I thought it was I brake for stamps but I can't find it.

So, if anyone knows where it came from let me know.

Well, I just found this and Patty has her sheets now on etsy and get this she has a special where any of the sheets she has on etsy are only 4 for 5 bucks. Come on where in the world can you find digital sheets that cheap???? and this awesome quality.
So, seriously I want everyone to either pop over to her store or to her etsy shop and just check it out. And while you are checking things out come on and join me at for my monthly ATC challenge. This month the challenge is all about glitter.
and don't forget if you use this code ARTFUL you can save 10% off your purchase over $30.00!!!!!!!

Sunday ATC's

Today I just had time so far to make these two atc's
First is images from stickers that I bought at TJMAXX of anne taintors. Some days I wish my future awaited far far and on a lake in Canada This of course is my favorite Audrey Hepburn girly girl. I used stamps I bought from and images from the internet. stamps are from inkadinkado and from rubber romance.
This one I am sending to Patty P from Michigan. Our theme was summer

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Touring the Wine Countries

So as you can see it looks like I will be traveling in France, Italy, Germany, Austria,Spain,New Zealand and australia as well as South Africa.

Yes and No I bought this awesome boxed set at TJMAXX for only 6.99 WOW.

This normally retails for around fifty bucks...what a steal. Now you think I am traveling right???

Well, yes I am but not to all of these places. I am going ot use the heavy duty cardstock pictures in my art. There are maps, photos etc. A perfect medium for a mixed media artist. Can't wait to show you what I make with them.

That is the ones I don't seriously use.

I could cry

I knew it was coming I just thought I could hold out a little longer than today I had no choice it happened. MY COMPUTER CRASHED and I had to rebuild it. I had seriously so many images, digital sheets, pictures etc on my computer that I didn't even have a megabyte to do anything with. So, I put everything on my handy dandy external hard drive Rick bought me and thought hey that will work......... yes it did take a lot off of my hard drive but my microsoft office just wouldn't work anylonger.
So, I had to rebuild the darn thing and finally well...... it worked. I now have a fully working computer but I did lose many of my favorites. I have them on my external drive and just need to revisit them and save them again with the new browser.
oiy what a way to spend the 4th I so wanted to do some art.........
tomorrow I will

It is One Dollar Wednesday at Lisa's altered art

Hey ya'll I missed out on posting this Wednesday so hurry and get over there fast for this. This is totally awesome for you ATC artists out there or mixed media artists.
ONE buck that is it for this amazing sheet.
get on over there and tell Patty Veronica sent ya!!!