Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty cool mail day and a little treat

Yesterday Rick's Ipod fried and I mean fried. So, what does he do? Buy himself a new IPOD ?nope he buys me one and takes my old one. And he bought me lime green!!!! my favorite color.

I received this in the mail from Marilyn she belongs to my crop stop group. I love it. thank you so much. OH MY GOD I just realized that seriously my birthday is in just a couple of weeks. And if you must know I will be 28 yep that is my story and I am sticking to it. Then I got this from Elaine again from my crop stop group. I love it you should see the ATC she made using a Hershey chocolate wrapper. too funny
But did you see those flowers she made? oh my gosh beautiful. and she enclosed a full size Hershey bar. I think that was gone in under a minute.

So, I have my new lime green ipod on right now listening to John Mayer. Jimmy Buffet was just playing so now it is John's turn.
Have a great Saturday and tomorrow I plan on posting some new art with all those Tim Holtz stamps I bought.
So, while John sings waiting on the world to change I think I shall think about fixing dinner. I am going to guess Rick might be hungry.
love to all

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