Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So, I am feeling so much better now. I must have been totally over medicated. Things are so much better now. Today Rick and I went to ACMOORE and to Michael's for craft supplies.
What fun is it to shop with your hubby for craft supplies. Then we came home and I bought online some glazing medium, a clover mini iron and some ranger beeswax pellets. Of course I am not allowed to have the mini iron or pellets until christmas. lol
but tonight I did get some new paint and two new stamp sets... I just had to have the cosmo/martini stamp for my cosmobella and I just had to have the Party Girl stamp to go with the above mentioned.
Oh got somemore polymer clay, a new push mold set of hands, feet and faces as well as the three faces I got from ebay...woo hoo maureen carlson designs...check out her push molds.


Also got some really cool acrylic paints to fool with.... tomorrow is altered canvas day.

hugs to all

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More photos of the inside of the book

the insides of the book

Surprise for you Ms....Toni

This is the front of the book.....

This is the book holder

I have been working on this for over a month........ It was a labor of love for my dear sister.

This is for you my dear darling bestest friend

Toni has a new Bella house and here it is

Well, here it is........ Toni's new bella house

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh my god I forgot

I wanted to lose 50 pounds and when I went to the DR. yesterday I have lost ten of that 50 so only 40 more to go. I am so stoked. Just thought I would share.

Hummmm another day

So, I am staying in bed for the next few days and I am so bored. I did sneak out earlier today and went to ACMOORE for some fun supplies with DH. Wow, what a mistake. Rick bought more than I did. I will post a picture of his great mixed media art as soon as he is done.....which may be a week or so. He is such a perfecionist.
Back to bed I go.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a day......

So, dinner is done and over with. Dishes done, everything clean. Rick is watching the Dallas vs Patriots and me....... I am going to go to my studio for a little bit.
I am going to Michael's tomorrow and buying a Suze Wineburg melting pot and some UTEE I just love the look you can get with the UTEE then I think I will hummmmmmmmm no clue. Tuesday off to Richmond I go for the night and will be taking Big Daddy with me for the night. I don't really like going to dinner all by myself so I think I will take him with me as he makes great company.
Okay so last night after my Starbucks run for my usual Decaf, Nonfat Cappuccino we went to this movie store that is going out of business we bought over 25 movies that we haven't seen and plan on taking some of them to Canada with us to watch during our two weeks up there without any TV kinda breaks up the day. Now here is the fun part we are going in September so if you know anything about Canada in September it is that it can and does sometimes snow. Days are shorter (more cuddle time). I am hoping that Rick will finally get to see the Northern Lights.... I have only seen them once in my life and I tell you it is truly amazing.
I will never forget it I was 13 and up at my grandparents lodge when they were going on. My cousin was there that summer too so we slept out on the deck just looking up at the sky. Neither one of us could or would go to sleep. they are that amazing. The lights in their shades of purple, blues, greens, whites, yellows, pinks and they just dance across the skies.

I can't wait until next September.


Today I am in sweats and an old t shirt just bumming around. I did clean up my studio and I did finish my little surprise to toni that I can't post until she has it then I will post it. Went to ACMOORE yesterday and was looking at my goodies........... $6.88 cents for chalk sets by Ikandee all pearly looking..... in heaven now.

Tonight is Chicken Fajitas night with yummy sour cream and lettuce on top.
My back is totally killing me I mean totally killing me so I think I may go take a mini nap before dinner.
Oh and my diet urrrrrr I mean live style change is going great so far.
Today breakfast oatmeal
lunch chicken noodle soup
dinner fajitas
no snackies for me today
as I said before my goal is only two pounds per month... I mean look at it this way...
I won't starve, I won't have to NOT eat what I crave I will just have to be a little smarter.
in a year I would have lost 24 pounds. At the end of two I would have lost 50 which took me ten years to gain......... so I am pretty happy with my goals.
so far so good...5 gone 45 to go

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I received another ATC from toni

Now this one sorta has a history......

You see I can bake and well my darling sister that I love more than life....well she can't bake. Bobby my Brother in law loves apple pies, apple tarts, and this card was sorta Toni's way of asking me to show her how to bake. She got Mama's imagination I got Mama's cooking talent.

Toni's atc card

For years I have been trying to talk toni into doing ATC's.... said I would send her all the stuff told her we would share and send them back and forth and every SINGLE time NO..... I don't wanna. Well, FINALLY she got it she got how much fun they can be and I can now say I am the proud owner of Toni's very first ATC card.

My Big Daddy and me

A few wedding pictures

Just thought I would share with everyone a few wedding pictures

Friday, October 12, 2007

In my ever growing passion

Of being a MIXED MEDIA ARTIST. hahahaha
I just love saying that...
I bought some Guesso today to play with. Now I have guesso have used guesso in the past but I found this new type of guesso more of a liqud then a thick paste. So, I am hoping that I can make some really cool things with it.
I am making the mother of all surprises coming soon still have about three full days of work on it but once it is done I will hope it knocks your socks off.

That is all for now..... mwah

Just because I love this


Honey I promise the next package I send you will have this in it. I just haven't found the perfect box to put this in so that it would not be damaged.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Aunt Tessies clothes

Aunt Tessie was what would be known as today as a lady of the evening. She had the most outrageous and fun clothes. When Mama and Papa had to take the gypsy cart and go out on the road and leave us they left us with Aunt Tessie.

To keep ourselves busy during the night Toni and I would play dress up in Tessie's clothes.

Tessie was a well versed lady and could sip tea with the finest but under the cloak of darkness Tessie was wild. She taught us how to be ladies and sip champagne with the best.

We miss you Aunt Tessie so much.

Our tea parties

Toni and I were very lucky to have a Grandma that would let us play in our fancy clothes. When the railroad workers stopped into town Papa and Mama would make a little extra money and buy us some fancy clothes to wear for our tea parties. No wonder we have a love for vintage saucers and tea cups. Someday I hope to find that purple pansie or lilac tea cup and saucer.

I found this old picture of Toni and I

We were living somewhere out west and Papa just had to have our picture taken. Mama gave a free palm reading to the picture taker. Papa was so proud of this picture. When Papa and Mama went to the other side they left Toni the gyspy wagon. She has it in her backyard and uses it to write her journals. I will find more pictures of Toni and I as little girls and post later.


Today started off with coffee and emails to Toni then catching up on some shopping since www.stampingbella.com had free shipping this weekend. Bought toni and I each one of the sweetiebellas and kittybellas as well as some baubles. One each of the diamond bauble and we will share the Merlot, cappuccino and goldilocks baubles.
Colored my hair for the trip and oh my gosh, is it dark. I really thought I bought 6N instead I got 5N which is dark dark dark...lucky for me hair dye only last for a short while. When you have totally white hair you have to color it every three weeks.
Worked a little on a special project then took a much needed nap. Tomorrow it is off to Boston for the week. I won't be taking my laptop since I will be working at meetings at night so no since in it.

Rick asked me what I want for Christmas.......boy I don't know what do I want? What could I possibly need? I have everything....any ideas?????

I mean I really really want a kitchen aid mixer in cinnamon or brown but he already promised me that for our anniversary.

So, I am at a total loss..... I don't do jewelry much just my watch, wedding ring and some earrings I have diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets and huge gold necklaces thanks to Rick and a few old boyfriends..lol

So, what could I possibly want? I am thinking a new lexus but .......... I don't think hell froze over yet?

Well, be back on Thursday

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sick today and wish I could just stay in bed all day. Bones ache, coughing up my lungs, head full of something or other and I just wanna whine.

I will be so glad when this passes. I am hoping that by Sunday I will feel better since I have to fly to Boston Monday and won't be home until late late late Wednesday night.

Just to turn around the following week and fly to Dallas. I am so over being the frequent flyer that it seems I have to become lately.

I need a vacation again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If only........

If only I could go back 47 years how would I change my life?

* I would never say a harsh word to anyone

* I would never forget to say thank you

* I would seek out the beauty in everything

* I would be a much kinder person

* I would have listened to others more and talked much less

* I would ask my grandmother and grandfather to tell me more stories

* I would have been more understanding of my mother's struggles

* I would laugh much more, cry much less and live my life my way

don't get me wrong I wasn't abused or neglected..... I was simply forgotten.

There were bills to pay and jobs to work so I was forgotten

There were two younger children so I was forgotten

There was a divorce going on so I was forgotten