Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a day......

So, dinner is done and over with. Dishes done, everything clean. Rick is watching the Dallas vs Patriots and me....... I am going to go to my studio for a little bit.
I am going to Michael's tomorrow and buying a Suze Wineburg melting pot and some UTEE I just love the look you can get with the UTEE then I think I will hummmmmmmmm no clue. Tuesday off to Richmond I go for the night and will be taking Big Daddy with me for the night. I don't really like going to dinner all by myself so I think I will take him with me as he makes great company.
Okay so last night after my Starbucks run for my usual Decaf, Nonfat Cappuccino we went to this movie store that is going out of business we bought over 25 movies that we haven't seen and plan on taking some of them to Canada with us to watch during our two weeks up there without any TV kinda breaks up the day. Now here is the fun part we are going in September so if you know anything about Canada in September it is that it can and does sometimes snow. Days are shorter (more cuddle time). I am hoping that Rick will finally get to see the Northern Lights.... I have only seen them once in my life and I tell you it is truly amazing.
I will never forget it I was 13 and up at my grandparents lodge when they were going on. My cousin was there that summer too so we slept out on the deck just looking up at the sky. Neither one of us could or would go to sleep. they are that amazing. The lights in their shades of purple, blues, greens, whites, yellows, pinks and they just dance across the skies.

I can't wait until next September.