Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OH NO.... looks like we are leaving

Well, Earl is on his way here in the OBX. The residents have been told we will know tomorrow by noon if they are going to evacuate the island.
Rick and I were lucky and found a hotel two hours west. We learned from Isabelle to be prepared. Depending on how much damage is done we plan on coming back Friday night or Saturday.
That is if the military will let us back in. Guess they are on stand by too.
Please EARL go EAST leave us alone..... And to top it all off we are to be leaving Monday for Europe.
oiy vey

cropstop fall frolic

Cropstop is doing it again. Please join us for our annual Fall Frolic online crop and blog hop!
The crop will begin on Sept 1st and go through Sept 22nd with daily challenges posted by our creative team.
Participants will have until September 30th to complete and upload their projects in the Fall Frolic album in the Cropstop gallery.
Our creative team will be offering great challenges, games, make n take and prizes.
Visit their blogs during our fall frolic for a chance to win blog candy.
Please visit and register on the Cropstop.com forum/message board and in our Cropstop Gallery so you can participate in our Fall Frolic crop.
All guidelines and info can be found in the Fall Frolic online crop thread in the Cropstop Forum!!!!
My challenge is tomorrow 9/2 so come back........................ and join the message board.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The best ATC backgrounds EVER

you have to check out these atc backgrounds from www.lisasalteredart.com
only two bucks each and well worth the money. I can't wait to use these backgrounds hurry on over and pick up yours then leave me a message of what you made with them. I will then put them on the blog.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

one dollar wednesday is darling

this week the dollar digi sheet is simply adorable. seriously where else can you get these cuties for a buck? seriously think about it. one dollar. so hurry on over and pick it up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I have the blahs today. No that isn't true I have had the blahs for sometime now. I think I am just wishing vacation time would get here and fast.
Three weeks from this very day Rick and I will be on a plane heading to London England....
From there we are going to Dover to board the NCL Sun for a cruise around the Baltic Sea. Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia just to name a few. I think there is two more places not sure.
This will be two full weeks of nothing but fun. No phones, no text messages, no nothing.......
It will be like a totally different world. If I could just get over the next three weeks and get over the blahs I would feel much better.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It is one dollar wednesday

okay now this one is just too cute.... you must buy this one for only a buck. make sure you tell Patty I sent you.
buy here

Strut your stuff

We have changed things up over at www.cropstop.com Now every design team member will do all areas not just their area of expertise. So, here is my very first try at a sketch.

The big 50 came in like a lion but went out like a lamb

My birthday was super quiet this year. Since moving to the outer banks of North Carolina I haven't made any friends here. I didn't let many people know it was my birthday until the day of my birthday so very few folks at work even knew it was yesterday.
Rick as always put money into my mad money account for my art supplies which by the way are never ending.
And of course we are taking the baltic sea cruise for our anniversary and my birthday..... but he always gave me this.
They are two books printed from his online journal ( blog) somewhere he found this online source that can take your blog and make it into a coffee table book. He had the first year of his blog made into two volumes. These are high quality books that are amazing.
The reason why he started his online blog was to write down his thoughts and feelings. Since finding out he has mast cell. We never know how long he has ( but then who does)
He wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget the fabulous time we have had together. I sobbed like a baby when I opened this.
Volume one is when we were in Canada and I caught my first muskie fish..... volume two is rick's favorite picture he took in alaska.
I have received pearls, diamonds, gems, high priced electronics and many more things from Rick for my birthday but these two books are the very best gifts I have ever received
if you want to ever read something that will bring tears to your eyes go read his blog...it is over there on the right hand side..... life through my eyes. ricks blog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The big day is tomorrow

This birthday is really a hard one for me. It means I have hit my golden years. 50......
Wow, if I am lucky I am 65% through with my life. I have lived now on the earth longer than I will going forward.
It is a really hard birthday. I didn't think this would be that hard. I always thought turning 50 would be a badge of honor but then I look at all these women in their 30's and 40's and I think slow down now for it comes quickly
Yes I am scared, yes I am dreading it and yes I know what the alternative would be....if I didn't turn 50. So, yes I know I should just shut my mouth and be happy that I am turning 50..... easier said than done.
So, if god allows tomorrow I will wake up at 4:45 a.m. head off to work and then it will hit me.......today I am 50.