Friday, May 30, 2008

Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber

So, I read this book tonight by Debbie Macomber called Twenty Wishes part of her Blossom Street series. This book is based on women making a list of twenty wishes that they want to accomplish in their lives. So what would your twenty wishes be? I will start with just a few of my wishes
1. Travel to Italy
2. Retire to Canada
3. Take ballroom dancing classes with my husband
4. Learn how to speak Italian and French fluently
5. Play in the snow three feet deep

So, there you have five of my twenty wishes

What would be your top five?

Trying new Google Documents for posting just a test and hoping it works

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last pages of the AAWA altered book

Cute ATC I received

from Brenda at AAWA

Postage ATC's

This one is Desire This one is Paris Theater
This one is emily

All three will be in the mail to my online art group.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pictures of the fountain

Here are a few stills of the water fountain

Darling Husband's Water Fountain at night part one

My wonderful husband has a way with gardens and water fountains. Here is the first video of the water fountain at night. Make sure you turn on your speakers so you can hear the water splashing.

For Toni

This is for my sister Toni who loves Mermaids. The actual photo is from the Same Etsy seller as listed in my other mermaid canvas. If you like mermaids give Diana Martin a try. She has some beautiful mermaids on her etsy site.
Anyway Toni this is for you. My soul sister of the sea

Pictures of Darling Husband's water fountain

My wonderful husband loves to do garden work since he retired. He has flowers that normally bloom summer round around the fountains. He also planted this weeping cherry tree about three years ago. from the other side
His gardens are amazing

AAWA June is mermaid month

So here she is. I got the ATC from etsy shop

her mermaids are fantastic.

Hope you like my mermaid canvas

Friday, May 23, 2008

AAWA celebrates it's 6th birthday today and

here are just a few of my submissions

Thursday, May 22, 2008

AAWA Altered book

the first one is called swim on the right hand side I have tags put into pockets
this one is summer laugh love I also put tiny tags tucked into the side

the one below is fun in the sun on the left is a sunny bike ride and the one on the right is so reminding me of the ya ya sisters when they would get in their convertibles and drive off into the sun. Oh and the quote.... got that from love that quote

This is the second book that I am working on for my altered art group. This is Gloria's book called Summer. I am doing four layouts however, it will end up being six. Here are three

My stampinton order came in today

Okay I get this email and it is from and they are having a sale on ALL past dated publications. Get this only $2.00 for each magazine. So, I of course order 19 of them. Now mind you shipping was as much as the magazines but for 59.00 bucks you can get all of these. So hurry hurry to see if they have any left. Some really great magazines. I even got one of their very first publications.

A gift from CHER

here is a picture of the tin it came in
all the pretty packages above and all the goodies below

One of my online art groups is celebrating their sixth year birthday and here is a gift I received from one of my fellow artists at AAWA.

THank you cher so much

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wanna see what $23.52 cents buys?

Okay starting left to right the paint set is copper, gold and silver $2.99, the chipboard $1.99, the chipboard $1.99, the shimmer brads .99 the staz on ink pad 3.99 the rubber stamp 5.99, the sanding block .99 and the staples .99 cents and the cuttlebug was $2.49 and the rest was tax.
Walked into A.C.Moore tonight on the way to the grocery store and the entire first two rows of stamping and scrapping were on clearance. WOW. Just had to buy it all.

A gift from Toni

Look how pretty in the way they were sent
So , the mailman comes today and look what Toni sent me... THANK YOU SO MUCH

just look at these papers

In between each page she has a sheet of designer paper
and below she sends you a free pack of paper.
Oh my gosh I just got in my order from my favorite seller on ETSY

Looking to buy the Sizzix Texturz plates

okay so my blogger friends I need your help.
I am looking to buy number 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and the holiday sizzix template texturz sheets... anyone know of a store that has them for a great price. I checked ebaby found all of them but the seller is crazy for the shipping price. I have the starter kit number one,2, and 3 but would love to have them all. These are so easy to use with the big shot. So any help my blogging friends can give would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE okay so my sister aka bestest friend Toni is sending me set number 3 woo hoo...yeah baby...thank you so much Toni

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cuttlebug Embossing Templates

Hopefully you will be able to see the embossing. I just had to try these on my sizzix big shot machine and yes they do work. You may have to click on the picture to see it better.

Donna Dewberry if you are reading this (Donna Dewberry Clay Templates)

You really need to put on the outside of your clay templates that you must use Armor All Spray to keep the clay from sticking to the templates. OIY VEY

So, I ruined the template and had to go buy a new one ( Donna email me for my address so you can send me some new stuff lol)

I am going to send this one to Toni and have BB see if he can power wash the clay out of this one so she can have it.

Anyway public service announcement....

USE ARMOUR ALL spray FIRST before using these templates and DON"T use them in your pasta machine roll the clay out on top otherwise well you will have this mess

But hey on the flip side adorable lace clay came out of it.

WOW, A.C. Moore did it again

This time they had their cuttlebug embossing folders on sale. Manager's special

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Row Houses

The first one is man of style I wanted to use something different this time. I have this stamp in my etsy store if you like it.
Shoot the flash is hiding the saying. This one is Butterfly house I love that stamp and I also have an extra one of those in my store too.
Library I saw that stamp and it so reminded me of the librarian at school when I was younger. So , thus Library was created. ACK I just noticed how sad and pitiful my finger nails look ...oh well that is what you get when playing in ink all day. Big Daddy if you see this hint hint ... manicure at Aveda would be great!!! hahahaha

I belong to an online art group called An Affair with Art. This month it is row houses, altered books and postage people ATC's for me.

Here are my row houses.

Two great books you must get

The ATC book is awesome. I haven't wanted to

put it down since I got it. Artful Blogging is good this month too. Both are really good reads.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I hit the mother load

All these stamps came from Kelly had a 25% off sale and I had a credit with her so ........... I went shopping. Less than $27.00 bucks for all these stamps. Thank goodness for credits. lol Stopped by A.C.Moore today and they had ALL sizzix for 50% off and it included clearance. Several of these dies will be discontinued soon.
Talked Big Daddy into going back with me tonight and got more stuff... got all the big shotz embossing folders, some Tim holtz grunge board and some new donna dewberry polymer clay embossing templates too.
what fun I will have next week on vacation.
I love that hollywood alphabet set... woo hoo oh and for all this I spent LESS THAN 50 bucks. Do I know how to shop or what??????? Gotta love those 40% off coupons I used them on the grungeboard and poly templates.

For Toni an Introduction into Sizzix

For my sister Toni. I got a new die cutter so I am sending this one to my sister. Since we live so far apart I can't be there to show her how to use it so.... hope ya'll don't mind but I am posting three videos so she can see how to use them and also use them to emboss. Enjoy Sis!!!! Big Daddy is going to mail your package out tomorrow. Once the sheets from mary come in I will drop those in the mail to you too. But I wanted you to have this package asap. Also our treat package will come soon for July's treat.

hugs veronica

For Toni

For Toni

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Use the pictures as desktop backgrounds

It is so easy just click on your favorite flower and let the larger picture load up, then right click and choose save as background. Voila, there you have a beautiful flower desktop background courtesy of Big Daddy. Some of the Peonies look especially nice as a background and if you look real close, Big Daddy threw in a little ant just for a little added enjoyment. Can you find the ant?

And Yet More Of Big Daddys Flowers