Saturday, April 30, 2011

AS promised

Okay we are now at the 60lb mark!!!!!! only 30 more to go and I am at my goal and the smallest I think I have ever been! Next picture at the 70 lb mark since it is getting harder and harder

Sunday, April 24, 2011

one dollar wednesday is a MUST

okay tea time? come on how cute is this
you gotta go pick it up and buy it least before Wednesday because it is only a buck.
happy easter folks
buy it here

Run don't walk to buy this

I bought this Fiskars stamping tool from here I highly suggest you do the same!!!! The best tool out there for stamping and at it is only 12.95 cents plus if you use the coupon code on the side of my blog you will save an additional 10% off of your purchase.

Just look how any stamp will cling to the plate. Now of course unmounted no cushion stamps will not but clear stamps and my Tim Holtz and even my new studio 490 stamps cling right to the plate.

You can align your paper under the plate and push down there you have it a clean crisp image each and every single time. So, if I were you I would run to and buy it today! before they sell out but please do leave me one! I am going to buy another one to put back for years to come!


Vicki had a challenge this week at using ROY B GIV as our inspiration. I used spellbinders as well as coredinations paper in my card.

This is why I will never buy anything from anyone other than cropstop

Haylie Jo at cropstop sent this to me to cheer me up. Her note said to give you a little lift. Get it? bras? lift? I love it! Thank you so much HJ you are one in a million!
And don't forget you can get 10% off your ENTIRE purchase even sale items just by using the code on the side of my blog

This week

First was a cool case for the new Ipod touch Rick bought me. I love purple Next this little dolly I love.... I just had to have her to remind me that Rick and I will be heading to Paris

Grace by Philosophy While this isn't my favorite it is nice. I am in love with Inner Grace by Philosophy and this is pure grace and amazing grace shower gel, bubble bath.

At work they had this really neat Kindle carrying case for your Kindle. I saw the yellow and knew it had to come home with me. A bargin for 7.99

Rick bought a case just like this except it wasn't lighted for my Kindle when I got it at Christmas. The Kindle kept resetting itself or would just turn off on it's own. I called Amazon and they refunded the price of the case plus gave me a $25.00 gift card to purchase the new lighted case. I guess there was an issue with the metal on the first edition cases. So, now I have this new case with a built in light. I didn't realize just how much I would use the light but now when I can't sleep instead of waking up Rick I just reach over and grab Kindle then read for a little bit.

This week I received some neat stuff in the mail. I also went shopping at work and found some awesome deals. More details to follow. Gosh it feels good to blog again

Sudio 490

Okay so I am in love with STudio 490 and am having a fun time working with this stuff. you gotta check out studio 490

My new favorite obsession

These little ladies just happen to be my new favorite obsession. I bought these in Suffolk to go with the pictures that Rick took in Germany when we were there last year. I totally love the look that these give the photos. We do not hang any art on the walls, all of our art is on the floor and it looks really cool.

Isn't she just cute? she has that I really don't care look and the does this suit make my butt look big attitude! Love these girls. We actually found some really cool ones in Vegas but I didn't have room to bring any back so they stayed there. These are a little different but same type.

Tag to go with Steampunk Barbie

Here is the tag that I made to go along with Steampunk Barbie on her journey to her new home.

At last some new entries

Here is she is.... Steam Punk Barbie well, half way...I am almost done with her I took a cute little pink barbie and steam punked her
purple hair, a black stove top hat painted her bust and added glitter

Gave her poison

like the paint job on her legs? Tim Holtz tissue tape

black lips and sockets and gears..... I should have her totally done by next week so stay tuned for Steam punk Barbie....

Monday, April 11, 2011

For a VERY good CAUSE

My wonderful amazing husband is going to be having a blast on May 14th and May 15th and is asking for your support. Visit him here to hear all about it! This is very near and dear to our hearts now. This Relay for Life event is 24 hours long and he plans on being there for every single one of those hours. So, just take one second and please visit him and donate.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just one of those days

When life gives you lemons you are supposed to make Lemonade right? Well, life keeps giving me lemons, and as soon as I try to make lemonade my basket is filled with lemons again. My little art blog has now become a place where I can come and just write down my thoughts too. So, for today my thought is this...................................... ONE more lemon today and I think I WILL SCREAM! I need a mindless thought just for one second. Just a second where my mind isn't going a millon miles a minute...just one second Nope didn't work I tried but as it turns out it just gave me a huge headache. OFF to work I go.................................

Monday, April 4, 2011

A sign of Spring

Today I have lost 53lbs. The temp outside is 82 so I thought I would go and look at what Summer clothes I had from last year that might fit. THERE wasn't one item that would fit. So, I loaded up five huge bags of spring clothes to take to a very deserving young lady. I looked at Rick and said.... I have nothing that fits. I am not done yet with the weight loss still another 27lbs to go. Guess I will go and purchase just a few things to make due until the big day when finally I can say.................... I made it!