Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Dollar Wednesday

totally cute I just love these faries. Stop on over and take a look at the One Dollar Wednesday sheet but....also take a look at her one dollar downloads.

Wow, New Design Team Member Call for Cropstop

Crop Stop is looking for some new Design Team Members.

Check it out

Read the directions on how to submit your art work for consideration. I would love to see any and all of you at CropStop.
Good Luck

Friday, December 25, 2009

It was an Audrey Hepburn kind of Christmas this year

Okay so as I have said many times I am an Audrey Hepburn FAN. I asked Rick for Audrey Hepburn stuff this year for Christmas and this is what I got This will hang in my new studio as soon as we move to Nags Head, N.C. in March
Breakfast at Tiffanys remastered... nothing like the black and white but still awesome. I think I will buy the black and white version for Valentine's day. I am so glad I have this one it is a two disc set.
Audrey Hepburn coffee mug, coaster and tin
Audrey Hepburn purse
And my Pashima scarf 100% cashmere.... oh yeah

This really awesome Audrey Hepburn book that I can make atc's with
And of course this freakin awesome blade for the Kitchenaid mixer that he bought me last month.
A hot hair brush curling iron
and a gift certificate for a Cuttlebug yet he said Cuddlebug so not only do I get a Cuttlebug but I will get to Cuddle anytime I want with my little bug...aka Rick.
So that was the booty this year
Tons of cooking and baking things from my associates
and of course I got many gift cards for various craft stores and two frilly aprons. I think everyone has me pegged by now.
Merry Christmas everyone

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Scrabble Tiles wow

Hurry hurry I was late this week to mention Patty's ONE dollar digi sheet!!!!!!!!
This is so cute you have to go and pick it up I mean come on one buck ...hurry on over because this will change Wednesday.
or better yet click here

Sparkle and Sprinkle

Black Friday while I was at work Rick went online to and bought these 10 stamp sets for me. Awesome deal since it was buy five get five free. I love the Diva collection just too cute.

You can see the divas in the picture above. Tonight I am working with some sparkle fluff that I got from
Can't wait to post it so you can see the cute stuff.
Everyone continue to hang in there...only two more weeks and I will be back with tons of new art. Working retail during the holidays is killer but I promise to have some fun new stuff coming your way.
Merry Christmas everyone

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This was on the front steps of the house yesterday waiting for me. Rick isn't able to get to the door so Fed Ex left it right on the door step. Sorry Rick for finding one of my Christmas gifts.

Then this arrived Tuesday. A really cool gift basket loaded with some awesome treats. There is also a table runner and cutting board in there too. this arrived from my company. Last year they sent one as well. They are always beautiful and always full of great food.

I have always wanted a KitchenAid Mixer for as long as I can remember but didn't want to spend the five hundred dollars they cost on them. I didn't want the one you find in Kohls or Target but I wanted the heavy duty pro series 600 with lift bowl. Rick did an amazing job and found this one at Amazon for a KILLER deal and a rebate.
I love Black Friday deals and I love Amazon because all week long they have had black friday deals with free shipping. Rick bought this on Sunday and it ended up at our door yesterday.
I can't wait to make cupcakes with this baby.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SVG update

Wow, I have received several emails asking me what you can do with an SVG file
okay let me try to explain it as I am new to it too. SVG is a cutting file you can use for your cricut machine using the sure cuts a lot program. As far as I know you have to have the SCAL program on your computer to use the SVG. I am however going to send this to Dina and see if she can enlighten us more.
So, stay tuned and while we are waiting on an answer make sure you click on treasure box designs and check out their amazing cut files.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SCAL and SVG files

Check out this only $5.99 for the entire collection. reg 9.99
Check out this little guy can you believe only $1.20 cents for the SVG file reg. 2.00

I bet some of you are thinking what is SCAL? well, I know I did. Now I know that SCAL is short for Sure Cuts A Lot and boy does it ever.

For those of you who have been following for a time you know that last year Rick surprised me with a Cricut Expression for Christmas. I have bought oh 20 cartridges for it and I was thinking boy it sure gets expensive buying these cartridges that cut oh maybe 75-100 images. There must be a better way......

Duh and I mean Duh

over at we were chatting and Elaine said you need SCAL well after a week of her trying to explain it to me I bought it and wow. Wait I didn't say that loud enough WOW WOW WOW not only can you search the web for free files but you can also buy files and some of them just take your breath away. HERE is one such place and I will be putting her site on my side bar for future use.

Treasure Box Designs and what a treasure they are and now they are 40% off but hurry because I don't know how long they will be on sale. Dina is amazing I tell you forget spending tons of money on cartridges where you will only use a few go here first.

Now you must have SCAL program for the SVG files but she also has files to download for DIGI stamps too.

So hurry on over and check it out and tell Dina that Veronica sent you

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never before have I seen Patty do this

You must go here to see her amazing ONE dollar digi sheet collections. These are amazing. There are 26 yes I said 26 one dollar collection sheets for you to purchase so get over there now.
Now if that doesn't get you running what about this 4.00 digi SETS!!!!!!!
Yes I did say four bucks and yes there are backgrounds, images etc you have to see those. I think I may get both myself. WOW four bucks that's less that a foot long that will be gone in 15 minutes. These images you can use over and over and over again
Okay so you say not for me..... well then run here and check out all her brand spankin and I mean brand spankin new digi sheets.
Alright, alright so I saved the best for last.....
HERE is where you can find the sale of a lifetime at I have heard loud and clear from everyone that you missed my updates at so I promise I will make sure from now on I don't get too busy to post Wednesday's dollar digi special.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wednesday's ONE BUCK DIGI sheet

Just in time for christmas. Stop on over to and pick up your one buck wednesday sheet. This one would be fantastic to make Christmas Jewelry, ornaments etc.
hurry on over because it changes every wednesday

Sunday, November 1, 2009


we have to simply raise our hand and say I GIVE UP. Today was one of those days. I had to unjoin several yahoo groups that I belonged too. I simply don't have time any longer. I am leading my ATC challenge at and I REALLY love doing that. I have been doing it almost a year now and that is so much fun that I truly don't have much time for other groups. So, please understand....... why I had to leave all the other groups. Before I hadn't found my niche or my voice. Since then I have and I am so loving all the ATC's that I get to create.
Haylie Jo and Vicki and all my fellow creative team members help fuel my desire and my need to create.
I have really found a home there.......... as for my blog. Yes, I will keep it up but I may only be able to post a couple times a week instead of everyday. I also will keep trying to post all my ATC's that I have been making.
Hugs to all

Where does the time go?

This ATC I made using Shrinky Dink for my Novemember atc challenge at
I used my amazing Timmy Holtz's stamp set for this atc.
I also am making seven ATC's for my monthly ATC swap with Patti. This sin would be ENVY and the reason for ENVY ..... I am so envious of this skinny
and I am envious that she is in Paris with this skinny body.

Now the one on the left is called Summers in the south I also used shrinky dink on this one as well.
The one on the right is PRIDE another of the 7 deadly sins. Pride for having not a hair out of place with perfect red lips.
I would love to have everyone join me over at and join my monthly ATC challenges.

Seems like forever since I have been here. I was in Dallas for a week this past week attending meetings. Got home Friday night after my flight kept being delayed out of Dallas. I was so excited when the plane landed.

Today of course with Daylight savings time I gained an hour but I can't tell you what I did with it. lol

I did take a few minutes today to make three ATC cards so here you go....

Monday, October 19, 2009

More of VEGAS

have you ever seen escaltors that are circluar? here we are
more pictures of TAO

our bathroom

fao schwartz

The fun of M&M's and all the colors

Of course Shannopn and I had to have our picture taken with him
And what is Vegas without ELVIS and just to let you know Elvis charges a buck to have your picture taken with him

the view from our room

this is so cool

These are our friends Shannon and her husband James this is the couple that will be going to Alaska and Europe with us. FUNNY FUNNY funny and very nice couple

Here is my new friend made out of statues at the Venetian you pay a buck and get your pic taken with them OH now I can say I was at the TAO night club during Kim Kardashian's birthday

Actually that isn't far from the truth. Her birthday party was that night at the club but you all know me and I don't club so we were there during the day. lol

Paris..... we went up the tower and I was the only one who got Vertigo so bad I had to go sit down I was so dizzy from the heights. Shannon had to leave too but I got super dizzy

Vegas has the most unusual shops

Pics of Vegas

inside the venetian hotel
our bathroom at the venetian plazoo

more the st.marks square in our hotel

at FAO swartz

Live window models

You give them a dollar and you can have your picture taken with them

our room

they were out of king beds so we took two twin beds....needless to say the first night we were so exhausted that we each had our own bed!!!

this was such a beautiful place

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Las Vegas Bound

The time is coming, our bags are packed and we are ready to go. See you all on Monday!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I made this atc using my glimmer mist screens from here, ribbon from here and of course images from here and here.
This is the last of the Halloween ATC's that I have made to send to Patti. I also used floral stickers on her dress from my dear friend Vicki

Every once in awhile

You see something that touches your heart and makes you think. Patty came out with this image at and I just knew I had to blog about it and share with everyone.
Every one of us knows someone or has had a family member or even ourselves that has had a scare or perhaps a lump or even worse breast cancer. I know I am one of those. For three years Rick and I had to live daily with a let's see if it grows or let's keep watching it etc etc. Rick would be on me for days if I didn't make my appointment or if I said honey I have to work that day or I will go tomorrow.......... and for that I love him even more.....but ...... What he didn't know is that I was scared and afraid that the lump would be bigger or afraid that I would hear what I didn't want to hear. Just this year I heard the words....... It hasn't grown in three years let's start coming in yearly instead of quarterly to do testing. YAY!!!! but as the year comes closer I still can't help thinking what if it was just tricking us...what if it has grown....... DAMN lumps DAMN bumps you know the rest....
So anyway I was visiting Patty's site and came across this of course I had to have. I wanted to share it with everyone. Because if you know any woman or just one woman remember to tell her to check the Ta-ta's monthly!!!! and to get that mamogram. If she doesn't have insurance most clinics will do it free especially during Breast Cancer month.
Quick and true story....... 15 years ago the ladies from my office and I had a ta ta day we kept that up every year until I left. Breakfast on me and Mamograms all around. If I were still with that company we would be doing our yearly TA-TA day!!!! So, go on over and purchase this sheet and send some Ta-TA art to someone you know, someone you love or both!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OH MY Goodness just look at this

Here is a picture of the ATC that I received from Patti The atc that Patti sent me was packed in this bag.
And the atc was in this amazing coffin oh my god are you serious who would have thought to send a coffin!!!! Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays this was just too much

Now the lindt chocolates are already in my belly
This is the most amazing thing ever!!!! well, almost this is the most amazing and she made it too. This was accepted in the Anton Exibit.

I just love this thank you so much Patti!!

Halloween ATC's are going out the door

these are on their way to Patti I hope she likes them

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's one dollar deal will only last until next Tuesday

I always want to rush home and see what the deal is for the one dollar wednesday at and today oh my goodness. Just look at these little precious girls with their dollies.
I love this sheet and I don't have it so I am off to buy this sheet for only a buck.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

even more and more pictures

rick posing with his cherry pie
this is an old kitchen we found at the apple mill

even more pics

I found these flower pots at Dollywood they are adorable at the apple valley store
pictures of the cabin we stayed in