Sunday, October 11, 2009

Every once in awhile

You see something that touches your heart and makes you think. Patty came out with this image at and I just knew I had to blog about it and share with everyone.
Every one of us knows someone or has had a family member or even ourselves that has had a scare or perhaps a lump or even worse breast cancer. I know I am one of those. For three years Rick and I had to live daily with a let's see if it grows or let's keep watching it etc etc. Rick would be on me for days if I didn't make my appointment or if I said honey I have to work that day or I will go tomorrow.......... and for that I love him even more.....but ...... What he didn't know is that I was scared and afraid that the lump would be bigger or afraid that I would hear what I didn't want to hear. Just this year I heard the words....... It hasn't grown in three years let's start coming in yearly instead of quarterly to do testing. YAY!!!! but as the year comes closer I still can't help thinking what if it was just tricking us...what if it has grown....... DAMN lumps DAMN bumps you know the rest....
So anyway I was visiting Patty's site and came across this of course I had to have. I wanted to share it with everyone. Because if you know any woman or just one woman remember to tell her to check the Ta-ta's monthly!!!! and to get that mamogram. If she doesn't have insurance most clinics will do it free especially during Breast Cancer month.
Quick and true story....... 15 years ago the ladies from my office and I had a ta ta day we kept that up every year until I left. Breakfast on me and Mamograms all around. If I were still with that company we would be doing our yearly TA-TA day!!!! So, go on over and purchase this sheet and send some Ta-TA art to someone you know, someone you love or both!

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