Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A RARE find and I found it

I have been wanting this cricut cartridge every since it came out.
Well, it was introduced then pulled and is out of stock everywhere.
Today my google alert found it for me so now it is all mine...yay

Tim Holtz will be the death of me yet or at least...

the death of my pocket book.
If you are looking for Tim's latest and greatest then look no further than here.
Cropstop has all of Tim's latest products for sale as a pre order.
So, hurry on over and pick them up.
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Brand new today

New dollar digi sheet on sale here

Monday, January 24, 2011


That is how I feel right now....I am heading off to bed with some hot tea the remote controller and an electric blanket.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need a really good blog designer

who out there knows how to take a picture and make it into a blog background?

My dissapointment with someone

Today I am dissapointed with someone. You know I really didn't know this person that well, yes we had spent time together but to really know them, I can't said that I did. What I can say is that I am truly dissapointed with their behavior and the spot they put me in.
They asked for my honest thoughts..... I gave them. Guess it wasn't what they wanted to hear.
So, perhaps they should hear this....... When you needed help we were there, little did we know it was totally B.S.
color me stupid....but never again

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can't wait to head back....

Will it ever warm up?

I am so over being frozen to the bone. Please Spring can't you come a little sooner?

Thursday update

Well, today was my first Dr's appointment for the month and I am happy to say an additional five pounds is gone. Five more to go and the photo will be posted.
By September I will be at my goal...... so excited. I will be able to go to Paris and have some amazing photos taken with Rick.
And of course he has promised a mulligan and back to the Baltics we go. I want to take the exact same photos we took four months ago but this time a lot less of me in them.
I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up high fiber foods and fruits. I have never nor do I even want to eat raw vegetables.
I can handle some fruit but only apples, oranges and maybe a cantaloupe or two.
Makes it hard and I end up doing without rather than eating something I am not supposed too. So, according to the Dr. I am not eating enough to keep my metabolism up. Six small meals...oiy vey
So, in my cart went high fiber bars, high fiber crackers, high fiber bread, cheese sticks, fruit, and fruit bars....and tons of water. I am supposed to drink two liters of water a day.
I could do that if it was diet soda or even coffee but plain water? oh no way. Luckily I can add crystal light to it so in my cart went two giant cases of water.
I have already packed my snack bag to take to work and keep in my desk. I took the time to count out every single one of those crackers...17 in all
every single one of the baked chips 30 in all
I am going to do this.... I did it before and I can do it again. Ten years ago I lost over 100 lbs and I am going to lose what I have to now. Thank god it isn't anywhere near what it was back then.
This time..... I am keeping it off for good.
There are no children to stress me out..... no ex husband to stress me out...I love my job so no stress there.
I am a stress eater...there I said it.
I over eat only due to stress. If I am not stressed I almost have to force myself to eat because I am usually so busy in my studio I forget to eat. But add just a little stress and I mean a little and oops there it goes right into my mouth.
It is like smoking..... never smoked until stress came into my life. Got rid of stress and well.... stopped smoking.
So, now I am the healthiest I have been in a long time and am getting even more healthier everyday.
So, by this time next month you will see the new improved half way there me.
We are heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I am sure I will have pictures taken there that I can post.
I told Rick there is only one splurge I am going to have in VEGAS and only one. That is an In and Out Burger.....
God I love In and Out burgers and fries. I will have to walk five miles a day to make up for it is so worth it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OMG the best is here now

This little beauty is the Wednesday special so hurry on over and get it today

The world is truly small

Picture this....
You wake up, jump in the shower, grab your favorite cup of coffee and log onto your computer to check mail before heading to the studio and you.........................
receive an email from a long lost relative. Someone you grew up with, someone you were always with and someone at one time you even lived with.
I always thought that the majority of my relatives would never want to contact me or anything else.
I thank you ( and you know who you are ) for contacting me. It was truly wonderful to hear from you and I hope we can stay in contact.

Friday, January 14, 2011

This week's one dollar digi sheet
click on one dollar wednesday I love this sheet. fantastic job Patty

I think there is a misunderstanding

I have received a ton of emails saying how great I look in the picture but....................
that picture was taken 30 pounds ago. I haven't posted a picture yet of how I look now. I wanted to wait until I hit that 40 mark. lol
So, hang in is coming. Funny story I was at work Monday and one of my department managers said.....
I was looking at our Christmas photos and you look like you borrowed someone else's clothes as they just hung on you. I looked at the pictures and OMG I can even see the difference and usually the one who is trying to lose the weight is the last one to notice.
My face is where I see a HUGE change. NO longer do I have that triple chin or chubby cheeks.
But that will be saved for the revel at 40 stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying into Boston today was like.........

flying into Area 6 in Nevada!!!!!!
Wow.... didn't think I would make it today. I arrived at the Norfolk airport three hours early before my flight left.
I am like that ( I have to be early to anywhere I go) I never want to be late. In my opinion if you are on time you are 15 minutes late.
So, I get to the airport and notice there are three flights into Philly leaving before my flight is scheduled to leave so I ask if I can change flights so that I could get into Philly and have a little more time to make my connection.
The counter person said....well the first two are canceled and the last one isn't going out until 11 so you might as well keep your 11:35.
So, I did and it was a good thing because they ended up canceling the one that was to leave at 11 too.
Those poor folks were now backed up until six tonight.
Arrive into Boston and my plane there was coming out of Cancun so it was delayed for 30 minutes.
Arrive into Boston to find out they are expecting almost TWO feet of snow.
So............. who knows I am hoping I can get out of here Thursday night so I can get home to my honey....
But I did leave him with plenty of things to keep him busy .. thank goodness for DVR

Sarah Palin

Like her or hate her the choice is yours.
But.................... after watching her series on TLC, I kinda like her. She lives in the best place in America in my humble opinion. I love Alaska
I am not up on her politics to be honest but as a person she was kinda cool. Now with that said I downloaded her last two books on my kindle The heart of America and going rouge
the heart of america...... ummmm okay but the Going Rogue book...I kinda like that too of what I have read.
So, like I said love her or leave her your choice but if you are looking to find out more about her well.. I suggest you skip heart of america and go to "going rogue"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Team Call....Last Call

Wow, would I love to work with you!!!!!
Come on Apply...don't sit there and think I wished I would have....... It is FUN and I am having the time of my life!
So, come on and apply

Crop Stop is launching a new sketch challenge blog in 2011 and expanding our current
Creative Team!

We are looking for 2 - 4, committed team members to bring inspiration and creativity to our site through card and layout projects.

The Creative Team call is open to all. We welcome international submissions.
The Creative Team term is February - July 2011
Deadline for submission is January 15, 2011

Phone Number
E-mail Address
Link to your blog
List of forums and galleries that you frequent
List of current Design/Creative Team positions (Team experience is not required)

Tell us about yourself and why you want to be a part of our team in a paragraph or two.

Send 3 cards or 3 layouts that best reflect your creativity. One of the 3 must be a card or layout created using the Crop Stop Sketch provided for the call. It is located in the Crop Stop Gallery Creative Team Call Album. You will need to register in the gallery. Please designate in your submission subject line, card or layout.

We reserve the right to share your submissions in our Crop Stop Gallery even if your are not invited to join our Creative Team. Please be sure you are sending projects that you are willing to share with others.

As a Crop Stop Creative Team member you will be responsible for creating 4 cards or 4 layouts every other month. (Subject to change depending on number of members)

Submit all work on time to be used on the Crop Stop Sketch Challenge Blog and participate on the blog as required

Post projects on your personal blog and link products used from the Crop Stop Store

Work with other Creative Team Members to help promote the Crop Stop Store

Register on the Crop Stop Forum and Gallery (to be used for Creative Team purposes)

You may be asked to send in physical projects for use in our exhibition booths.

Creative Team Members will receive a fantastic discount as compensation along with occasional free product to be used on projects.

The Crop Stop Creative Team Blinkie for blogs and signatures

More details will follow upon being invited to join our Creative Team


Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 lbs ago

This picture was taken in September..... that was 30 lbs ago a major haircut ago and a total personality change ago.
I still want to lose 30 more maybe 40 and when that happens I will be back to even smaller than when I got married.
I owe it all to a wonderful Dr. here on the island and a great nutritionist. What happened? I turned 50 and realized I want to turn 90 and that there is a huge world out there and with that I want to be able to travel the world. So, here I am in London in front of a french fry sign. Let that be the closest I get to a deep fried potato again. I will post a new picture when I hit the lost of 40 lbs so you can see the before and the after.
I look at this and then look in the mirror and I see a HUGE difference. I have went through my closet and have given away a lot of my clothes. The jeans I wore here gone...... the sweater gone again.
And may I never wear my hair in a rubberband again...... I bought three pairs of dress pants for work four weeks ago and even those now need replaced.
I have never felt better and due to just losing this amount I no longer need blood pressure meds ...oh and I stopped smoking five months ago.

my new tim holtz distressed ink pad and reinker display

Amazing what you can find in the trash. I love this

One Dollar Digi Download

Here it is just a buck and only good for just two more days so hurry hurry

ATC's for you

I haven't made any atc's for awhile and I really missed doing that. Today I did make a few and here they are. The top one I used an old train ticket and digital art. This one is using Graphic 45 papers from and a photo from a friend
Below is an atc using a photo from a download that I can't remember so if it is yours please let me know so I can give you credit. The crown is from

This atc I made from an old receipt dated in 1914. The paper was falling apart but wow I love it
the image is again from a friend
This one is from using stamps from catslife press

An amazing find

I received a huge box of pictures from an estate sale. Imagine my surprise when I found these two pictures taken in 1952 of Queen Mary just two months before she passed away.

if you read this you will see that whomever took the photos wrote on the back that she passed away just two months later.

Wow, it just amazes me that some people just don't have a clue how much history they have in a cardboard box. Now usually I take these photos cut them apart and make art out of them.
Not these , these will not be cut apart. I actually think I may have these framed.
I just sit and look at these photos and think, who took the photo? what did they say to her to get her to pose for the picture?
What was she doing at the time? Who is that with her? Where was she?
What was the day like? What day of the week was it? What was the person taking the picture wearing?
all those things.
and then I think Gosh how lucky am I to have this photo.
These two were just a few of the amazing photos in the box.
There is also a photo of the Castle in Denmark where Rick and I saw the changing of the guard this past September.....only the picture in the box.... well, it is at least 70 years old
When I can find the photo that Rick took I will post the two here again

Saturday, January 1, 2011


What I did in 2010
Moved from Virginia Beach to an amazing home right on the ocean in Nags Head...I wake everyday looking at the water.
Opened a new store with the company I work with and survived
Said goodbye to some friends and met some amazing people here on the island
Lost a few Internet friends and made even more
Vacationed on a cruise ship in Alaska and met an amazing couple and their two children
Spent a romantic weekend in a little town just sightseeing
Lost 30lbs, dropped three dress sizes and have never felt better.... in 2011 30 more to go then I am done
Spent two weeks in Europe seeing amazing sites in London, Finland, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Sweden,Denmark and Dover England. I had the time of my life seeing some new places with my soul mate
Received a Birthday gift to Las Vegas and a love gift to Paris
Received a Christmas present to Italy for 2012 ( cruise ) and only time I have vacation left
Love gift to spend two weeks in Canada ( totally isolated from everything and everybody)
Sipped a cappuccino in a little coffee shop in the most friendliest place in the world Warnemunde Germany
Finally flew with Sir Richard Branson ( Virgin Airlines) and by the way my new favorite airline
Had Sausages and Mash in England
Set up a new studio and am having a wonderful time in my super large studio making new art
And mostly what 2010 was all about....... the love of my life I finally realized needs me as much as I need him
And now onto 2011
What I hope to achieve in 2011
A better relationship with my amazing husband
Travel more and see this huge world we live in. My goal is to fill up our passports before they have to be renewed in 2015
Giving more time to my husband and listening more
Being more patient to everyone
Being a kinder more gentler person
Turning 51 ( oh god did I really just say 51?
Losing that last 30 lbs and then having a mulligan on our Baltic trip and taking the exact same pictures only 60 lbs lighter
Creating more art
Finally using my beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer I got two years ago and haven't used
At last but not least I hope 2011 brings peace, love, health, happiness, wealth, and above all love to not only everyone I know but everyone on this amazing thing we call world