Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying into Boston today was like.........

flying into Area 6 in Nevada!!!!!!
Wow.... didn't think I would make it today. I arrived at the Norfolk airport three hours early before my flight left.
I am like that ( I have to be early to anywhere I go) I never want to be late. In my opinion if you are on time you are 15 minutes late.
So, I get to the airport and notice there are three flights into Philly leaving before my flight is scheduled to leave so I ask if I can change flights so that I could get into Philly and have a little more time to make my connection.
The counter person said....well the first two are canceled and the last one isn't going out until 11 so you might as well keep your 11:35.
So, I did and it was a good thing because they ended up canceling the one that was to leave at 11 too.
Those poor folks were now backed up until six tonight.
Arrive into Boston and my plane there was coming out of Cancun so it was delayed for 30 minutes.
Arrive into Boston to find out they are expecting almost TWO feet of snow.
So............. who knows I am hoping I can get out of here Thursday night so I can get home to my honey....
But I did leave him with plenty of things to keep him busy .. thank goodness for DVR

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