Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to contact me

Please email me at Vrosenshein@aol.com anytime you want to contact me. Denise email me at that address and I will tell you how to get the copic markers. go to www.carpediemstore.com and click on copic markers. Then click on sketch and you will see sets or all colors click on all colors and then email me the colors you want. EASY PEASY.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What can a copic marker do for you?

I had a coupla (like that my new word?) folks ask me what are copic markers? Well, I am here to tell ya that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Copic Markers shade themselves sort of.
You color with the marker then go back over it again and instant shading. If you have three colors in the same family you can create just beautiful images. I love love love my copic markers and for the price we get them at I find them to be the best ever.
So, that is what a copic marker can do... much better than marvy or any other in my humbel opinion.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Final and Last Call for Copic Marker Order

hey everyone this is the last call for copic markers $3.56 each plus shipping. Laurel I got your 20 markers.
So I need everyone's color choice by WEDNESDAY final and firm day. I will place the order Wednesday night.
These are full size sketch markers.
colors can be found at www.carpediemstore.com

Home at last

Well, I am home finally. Vacation 2008 was amazing. I had the best time EVER with rick. Two weeks in paradise priceless. Now with that said...here are my goals
I am going to get more involved with www.cropstop.com where I am a guest designer
an affair with art I will be more involved
get our copic marker order out
order my stampin up order
what else have I committed to?
oh yes, my audrey hepburn canvas
a canvas for the wonderful woman who sent me my tiffany box
my altered cabinet cards.
better get busy

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You know you're in another country when.....

you see groceries like this. I guess it is a good thing that I know how to speak a little french however,...... most of us know these are oreos. My favorite cookie
I also found six different flavors of Crystal light. I will be posting those later tomorrow for all to see until then look at the previous post for more photos of our vacation.l Rick got up extra early this morning and took some kick butt pictures of the sunrise as well as the loons over the water. Just beautiful pics.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We are at the lake now

We made it. Yeah.... tons of pictures along the way. Instead of posting all 100 thus far go here to Rick's blog and view all the pictures. Tons of them taken all along the way.

Rick has posted over 100 pictures so go take a look. Tomorrow is an off day so no fishing but just getting everything in the cabin set up.
The rental car was packed with provisions and stuff I bought at Border Bob's. Now that I will take a picture of and post later.
Until then hugs

A review

A letter will be going out to Super 8 Hotels as soon as we get back. This hotel in international falls sucks!!!!! First off this place just reeks of ciggy smoke bad!!!!!!! our air conditioner didn't work at all so we about died last night.
There was a party going on down the hall last night and do you know what the front desk clerk said? We are full there are no rooms to move you too... not oh gee I am sorry let me call them and have them be quiet. Are you serious????
You know I think I could have handled the noise it truly is the cigarette smell that I can't stand. Now having once been a smoker I know that I am the worse critic but come on even if you never smoked you would have had complain as well. We actually found the source of the majority of the smoke... THE FRONT DESK
Yes you heard me the FRONT DESK attendant is down there just smoking like a chimney.
OH MY GOSH.... I thought you couldn't smoke in public places here but wow guess I was wrong right?

OH well, Rick is in the bathroom taking his shower and I just got out so in a few minutes we will be hitting the road to have breakfast and then to head to the border.
We will be stopping at Border Bob's along the way and also having breakfast at the moose. Now I am serious if you ever get to International Falls Minnesota there are two things you must do.
First never ever stay at the Super 8 on highway 53 as you are coming into town.
And second you must have at least one meal at THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE as you will kick yourself if you don't.
I have never seen such portions in my life and they have the best best best coffee you have ever drank in your life.
Until tonight from the cabin....
hugs V

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are here

As you can see from my feedit we are in international falls. Love this place. hate this hotel but love this place.
we are staying at a super 8 tonight until we go across the border tomorrow morning. this place sucks smells like smoke and a lot of smoke.
Air flights today were on time and our gates were pretty close to each other so that was fantastic. We even had time to stop and eat in Detroit at charleys grilled subs yummmmm

so we got the rental car, went to kmart for dry goods, then went to the local super value grocery store for provisions. Car is loaded to the roof top with luggage and food. We then went to the moose for dinner tonight. I had the philly cheese steak and rick had a burger it was fantastic.

We plan on getting up early in the morning to have breakfast at the moose then take some cool pics of the local lore then head on over the bridge into canada.

Gas prices up here are about thirty cents higher than back home.
I stopped into a book store and picked up the book by randy P called the last lecture. Rick is just about done reading it then I will read it. He said it is very good

I read a book by debbie macomber 6 sandpiper way on the way up here.

okay time to go to bed I am exhausted. talk to everyone tomorrow from the cabin and yes I will have tons of pictures of teh moose and the cabin.
hugs v

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On my way......

Well, let's see I have only 8 hours until I have to get up and get out to the airport. We need to be at the airport around 5:30 a.m. with luggage in hand and check in. Then we will sit at our gate for three hours. THat is the way it is here at the Norfolk airport you hurry up and wait.
The reason you ask?????? Some days the line to get through TSA is oh five miles long.
I hate that....one screener that's it. Take your shoes off, turn on your lap top oops is that a cell phone? OIY

But hey at least we are going. I thought this day would never get here. My next blogging will be from the little cabin on the water with pictures. I will post pictures each day of what we are doing.
Our cabin cooked fresh fish oh and our lake shore lunches are so much fun. The guide starts a fire cleans the fish and cooks the following....
fresh caught walleye fish
fried taters
fried onion rings
pork n beans
for dessert you get good ole puddin in a cup....

Did I mention you get bread and butter too?????

oh the joys of lake livin... any way talk to everyone tomorrow from the hotel after we have dinner at the chocolate moose and yes I will take tons of pics.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of course the perfume shop wanted to use it


am I ever in trouble. I decided since today is my last day off I would clean my studio. Now just so you know I NEVER throw away anything.... broken brads, scraps of paper, inch long pieces of yarn....nothing ever gets tossed.

Now I am on hour number four and still haven't got to my desk. When I create I make huge messes but that is how I create. When you use mixed media there is containers of everything and anything cause you never know when you may need something.

If I get a chance later I may post pictures. I am however done with my www.cropstop.com Guest Designer submission and will post that on October 1st.
Be prepared for some new techniques....

Turning Bazzill paper into leather
Quilting of paper

Okay back to cleaning ...... oh and I took every one's advice NO PUNCTUATION. ( sorry babe)