Thursday, September 4, 2008


am I ever in trouble. I decided since today is my last day off I would clean my studio. Now just so you know I NEVER throw away anything.... broken brads, scraps of paper, inch long pieces of yarn....nothing ever gets tossed.

Now I am on hour number four and still haven't got to my desk. When I create I make huge messes but that is how I create. When you use mixed media there is containers of everything and anything cause you never know when you may need something.

If I get a chance later I may post pictures. I am however done with my Guest Designer submission and will post that on October 1st.
Be prepared for some new techniques....

Turning Bazzill paper into leather
Quilting of paper

Okay back to cleaning ...... oh and I took every one's advice NO PUNCTUATION. ( sorry babe)

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