Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are here

As you can see from my feedit we are in international falls. Love this place. hate this hotel but love this place.
we are staying at a super 8 tonight until we go across the border tomorrow morning. this place sucks smells like smoke and a lot of smoke.
Air flights today were on time and our gates were pretty close to each other so that was fantastic. We even had time to stop and eat in Detroit at charleys grilled subs yummmmm

so we got the rental car, went to kmart for dry goods, then went to the local super value grocery store for provisions. Car is loaded to the roof top with luggage and food. We then went to the moose for dinner tonight. I had the philly cheese steak and rick had a burger it was fantastic.

We plan on getting up early in the morning to have breakfast at the moose then take some cool pics of the local lore then head on over the bridge into canada.

Gas prices up here are about thirty cents higher than back home.
I stopped into a book store and picked up the book by randy P called the last lecture. Rick is just about done reading it then I will read it. He said it is very good

I read a book by debbie macomber 6 sandpiper way on the way up here.

okay time to go to bed I am exhausted. talk to everyone tomorrow from the cabin and yes I will have tons of pictures of teh moose and the cabin.
hugs v

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