Sunday, June 28, 2009

Read this

Read this and you will understand why I married this man 12 years ago today.

July's ATC challenge

It is all about glitter!!!! come join me at cropstop for our July ATC challenge all about glitter.
start here and come join in on the fun

Thank you Dottie

dottie from sent us this for our anniversary. Thank you so much

My Anniversary Present

Pandora Bracelet
The charms Rick chose are perfect
The suitcase is for the travels we do together.
The Cupcake is for my love of sprinkles cupcakes
The purple glass heart bead is for our anniversary as purple was one of the colors in our wedding.
The wedding cake is for our when we renewed our vows on the Cruise.
The spacers are bows for my love of Audrey Hepburn, they just remind me of her.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ATC's for Saturday

Today I have been busy working on a special assignment for cropstop. We have a monthly challenge and for June the challenge was rubberstamps. Everyone who entered into the challenge will receive a free stamp set from Studio G. So today I stamped all the cards, envies etc to mail out with the stamp sets. But I did find time to make an anniversary ATC for Rick top one. and this one was follow the leader at

Tomorrow I plan on posting more art. See you then.....

My ATC fairy doll

Most of you know that I am the ATC Coordinator for well, what is an ATC coordinator if she doesn't have a magic wand right?

Twelve years ago tomorrow

I married the man of my dreams. When you are married to the man of your dreams 12 years feels like forever but in a good way.
There are no secrets ( okay so maybe I do hide those Tim Holtz rubber stamp purchases)
We know each others likes and dislikes
We know how to push each others buttons ( and try not too)
We know how to finish each others sentences sometimes that is good other times not so much
We share our passion of traveling
We share our passion for fishing and relaxing at the lake
He likes spicy I like meat loaf
He loves the sun I turn into a vampire and can't stand the sun
His idea of mega shopping is Cabelas or Bass Pro mine is Aveda, Pandora and any rubberstamp store I can find
But we love each other with every breath we have in our bodies. We would give our lives to the other.
I would do this all over again and again and have
I can't wait for another twelve years and many more. I can't wait to celebrate our 50th anniversary.
I love you honey

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess who is having a Birthday

Nope not me... Rick is 28 tomorrow June 24 well, we will let him think 28. Happy Birthday Darling
You are amazing and I love you so much

Monday, June 22, 2009

A few more ATC's

A different take on the Veronica fairy image

I really like this one.... read into what you

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three new ATC's today

But I can only post two since one is for a challenge.
The one above is from images found here and rubber stamp is from here
Now this one is me. I used the image from Patty that she made for me. Added some glitter from here and the pearls are from here
The saying is from Patty and rather asks the question I have often asked myself

thank you Patty

This is a picture of me that Patty from made for me. I am telling you if you have pictures of yourself or kids you will want Patty to make them into fairies. I love this adoarble fairy. Thanks Patty.
Stop over at and have Patty make you one today!
p.s. this photo was totally wrinkled from age but Patty fixed it for me
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I am in the mood for buying and if you have any to sell let me know

I am in the need for Cabinet Cards. Now I don't want to spend a ton on a dollar each but I am desperate for Cabinet Cards.
let me me at if you have any to sell or want to trade.
Thank you so much

Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers who follow my blog and to my wonderful husband who was not only an excellent Father to his girls but to my daughter too.
He spent so much time with our girls teaching them, loving them and guiding them. For that I am eternally grateful.
I never had a Father so such I had a man who donated sperm to assist in my birth but as for a Father no never had one.
There was a man who lived with us for my first 8 years of life that was called my father. He actually acted like a father some days.... but he stopped being my father the day I found out as my mother was packing the station wagon they were divorcing. The last thing I remember that man saying was..... Take those bastard kids with you.
That was my Father...... 10 years ago he died. I didn't shed a tear .... how can you when you haven't spoken to this man in a lifetime. I did try when I was 18 but he made it clear ..... my brother, sister and I were his past and a past he would like to keep forgotten.
Rick and I don't celebrate Mothers Day or Fathers Day as it both cause sadness for each of us. Different types of sadness but sadness never the less.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

carmel macchiato's and me

Let's face it...there is nothing better in this world than a Starbuck's Carmel macchiato made right. Now by right I mean made perfect with just the right amount of ice, milk, vanilla and carmel. I have found a starbucks close to me where the barista makes the Carmel Macchiato PEFRECT... now I have one right by my house but I will drive to this one just because of my new bestest friend Gussie.
Gussie is the Starbuck's Barista that has the Carmel Macchiato down pat. Not only is a taste to die for but it is beautiful too.
Don't anyone say how many calories are in it.... I simply do not want to know...!!!!!!!
got it not one word......sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Have a great thursday
love Veronica

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have entered the world of Pandora

I know, I know, I know...... but I just have to say...... Rick did it again. Our anniversary is June 28th and for our anniversary he bought me a Pandora bracelet, beads and spacers. WOW...
I am so happy...happy .....happy. I will take pictures of it as soon as it comes in but this is what he bought
Bracelet, wedding cake bead ( for our vows being renewed on the ship) a glass heart ( for our anniversary) a cupcake bead ( for my love of but have never had a sprinkles cupcake.... I keep saying someday we are taking a plane to California just for a sprinkles cupcake. then we can fly right home) 2 bow spacers.... because I am a little girly and I love my bows.
Now I ask you ..... isn't he the best?
He almost bought the tulip bead for the tulips I fell in love with while we were at Pike's Market in Seattle but...... he does have a
there is always christmas............. If you haven't seen Pandora before check it out....

I finally made it on a Wednesday

Once again here is the digital image for this Wednesday on one buck wednesday. has done it again with her one buck wednesday. Each wednesday she chooses one sheet that she will sell for a buck. This adorable image is it for this Wednesday. So, hurry on over to and grab this while they last. Just a reminder that most of her images are only two bucks anyway.
Other vendors charge almost four bucks for one sheet.... save your money and shop with Patty at
Happy Wednesday
Love Veronica

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am so sorry but I must say no

Just today I have received six requests to become a friend on my space. I have received three requests to join Grouply. I hate to say this but I must decline.
My space, face book, linked, etc I tried but just don't like it. I think emails are a much better way to chat with each other. With the demands of my work load now it just makes it so difficult to divide my time with work, home, and somewhere I try to do my art but please keep the emails coming. I ALWAYS answer each and everyone of them.......... eventually lol
I hope everyone will understand.... oh and all the fab awards I get sent.... I think I would also like to remain award free from here on in. While I appreciate the awards the thoughts behind them...etc
It does take so much longer for the heavy picture, heavy art to load up on the page.
So, again please don't hate me....... but........... I won't be able to join.

Out on the road again

So, I landed Friday around noon went straight to work and then worked this morning till two. Now I am packing and heading out again tomorrow. So, if I said I would do something for you on Sunday I am so sorry but that has changed.
I will be back ( I hope Tuesday)
These past five weeks have been crazy. I will get back with everyone later...... hopefully some art too.

Friday, June 12, 2009

IT is Wednesday well, okay Friday

and you know what that means?

ONE BUCK digi sheets here

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Toni

Toni loves Mermaids and when Rick and I were in Alaska we saw this and just knew I had to take pictures.

oh my my my my my my

I truly think this is my favorite collage sheet from

oh my gosh!!!!

and it is only ONE DOLLAR so hurry on over and get it FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember digital = no shipping charges so when I say a buck I mean a buck. Patty at is so easy to work with.

What a crazy week

Well, I tell you what a crazy week I had. Was gone the entire week except for Monday for work.

Here is an ATC I made for CROPSTOPS'S monthly ATC challenge. I am going to make more with my new Instyle stamps too!