Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers who follow my blog and to my wonderful husband who was not only an excellent Father to his girls but to my daughter too.
He spent so much time with our girls teaching them, loving them and guiding them. For that I am eternally grateful.
I never had a Father so such I had a man who donated sperm to assist in my birth but as for a Father no never had one.
There was a man who lived with us for my first 8 years of life that was called my father. He actually acted like a father some days.... but he stopped being my father the day I found out as my mother was packing the station wagon they were divorcing. The last thing I remember that man saying was..... Take those bastard kids with you.
That was my Father...... 10 years ago he died. I didn't shed a tear .... how can you when you haven't spoken to this man in a lifetime. I did try when I was 18 but he made it clear ..... my brother, sister and I were his past and a past he would like to keep forgotten.
Rick and I don't celebrate Mothers Day or Fathers Day as it both cause sadness for each of us. Different types of sadness but sadness never the less.

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