Sunday, November 30, 2008

oh my I almost forgot

I told everyone about Rick making the four kinds of cookies for my associates right? Well we had a cookie contest at work and of course I didn't have time to make anything so Rick made mine for me ( I let everyone know I didn't make them) It was a blind contest and the associates voted by number for their favorite cookie. Rick's Cherry Macaroon WON!!!!!!!!!

And by a landslide.. the next winner was his peanut butter cookie with dark chocolate topping.

Third was a coconut cookie from one of the associates.... had there been a prize I would of course not entered but the winner receives bragging rights for the BRAG away honey they loved your cookies.

His other two did okay they were chocolate mint brownies and butterscotch oatmeal cookies.

Now my poor baby is sick.... with a cold. Just gave him tylenol and tucked him in to watch his football game.


Well, just about over the madness of Black Friday weekend. My only day off this week is Thursday. I am totally exhausted and cannot wait until January 8th when all the inventories are over and it is all said and done with. WHEW....... okay time for some coffee.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa Found it

Well, Santa found the Cricut EXPRESSION woo hoo the big gun for a killer price today. And his elves got me four cartridges to go with it. So now I have the ones that came with it and four more.
Gotta love that Santa (Rick) and his elves ( my asst. managers) Now to just wait until Christmas to open it.
It wasn't too crazy today steady stream but never got out of control. The nice thing about today is that all my Black Friday shopping my asst. manager does for me. I give her a list with my credit card and she goes and gets everything for me.
She always wants to close on Black Friday so that she can go shopping. Not a problem with me.
Tomorrow will be even busier than today. No one stopped by with that Starbucks coffee so maybe Saturday I will get lucky.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving Happy Thursday

I hope to work on some new art during the day in between basting the turkey and mashing the taters.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tim Holtz

All I can say is stay tuned till December 1st for my homage to Tim Holtz. Yes, you heard right.... TIM HOLTZ.
Okay off to finish the last little bit for Tim.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, today I had to come home sick and spent the day in bed. Now at 8 p.m. I feel much much better. Thank goodness for wireless laptops. Rick made me stay in bed for the majority of the day and now ...... well....... Let's just say I think I may live.

So, tomorrow I plan on finishing a design submission for, work on my monochromatic piece for Toni, work on Becki's canvas. Then I may even start on my Audrey piece.

I am hoping to sleep in for a little while in the morning before jumping up into the shower and making coffee.

I can't post my design pieces yet but I can post a few other things tomorrow.

Until then..... Have a great night

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess who is sick?

ack ack ack ME. Not sure what is going on but dag gum I am not feeling well. Just blah, a little upset stomach, nauseous, head is pounding. No fever or stomach flu ( had a shot) just blah blah blah. Okay so all you mom drs out there what do you think?

ATC wizard tool

Does anyone have this tool? and if so please tell me who makes it. Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


No art, no funny stuff just raw tonight.
Tired, worn out, dragging butt kinda day..... Tomorrow I am off work so I plan on working on my art. Want to get my groove back on. Want to listen to music and create.
So, until then ......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tim Holtz is now on my blog

check out the side bar..... woo hoo Tim Holtz 24/7

ATC holders/frames

look what I found at atc frames

What's better than.......

A day to work on my art
Dinner of roast, taters, corn, fresh yeast rolls
Cheese Danish and coffee for breakfast
emails from a long lost friend

Darling hubby right by my side....

you are right NOTHING...

Happy Sunday everyone


Everyone or at least I think everyone knows how much I love ATC's and how much I love to create ATC's so here it is.... In January I will be making a major announement that I think you may enjoy. But until then don't forget to sign up for Blog Candy ( a few posts down) and don't forget to click on follow this blog for updates when I post.

In the meantime keep your scraps of paper and all those little trinkets you think you may never use because you will need them in January.

Now if you know you won't use them don't forget send your scraps to

So here is a little ATC to tease you

For Toni

Now this one was a feat in

In our contest for strangest you go

Tim Holtz Addiction


My name is Veronica and I have been a Tim Holtz addict for three years now.

Whew that felt good to get off my chest. But seriously, have you ever seen anything as awesome as Tim's line of stamps, inks and embellishments? I love love love everything Tim Holtz. So, when he came out with his idea-ology line well I have to have at least one of everything.

As you can see here I am pretty close.

I am working on his entire line of stamps and have just about 75% of them all. Gotta love my Timmy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

thank you everyone for you help with the tea ***** update******

I have decided to send all of you stamps for your help. I ended up going with Denise's suggestion of the 80 tea bags. You all were so wonderful to help.
cher, sheryl and denise. THANK you so much.
Please email me at with your addresses so that I can send you some fun rubberstamps. Thanks so much

********* update**********

Cher also found that Epcot tea center had ten boxes LEFT!!!! Since this tea is discontinued and they will no longer make it. I got the tea Denise found and the tea Cher found. I have one happy husband.

Thank you all so much.........

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am looking for Twinnings Brand Christmas Tea Bags. They come 20 in a box. It appears that they have discontinued this Christmas Tea flavor...of course!!!!
i have checked out all of the possible locations at online web sites. One web site shows them as having the product but after you order, they wrote me back and said that they no loger carry the has been discontinued. Anyone that can locate this tea...please let me know. I need about 10 boxes. I am willing to pay for the tea and shipping to my location. What will you get for your help and will be the happy recipient of an envelope full of unmounted rubber stamps. As Tim Gunn would say..."Make it Happen" or as Paula Dean would say..."Thanks Y'all" or as my husband would say..."Let's Do This".

Sunday, November 9, 2008

26 Christmas stockings

I belong to an online art group called an affair with art. These are the stockings for our latest swap.

OH MY GOSH this is the most perfect stamp I have ever seen

She is from a stamp company in the U.K. and oh my gosh I would love to have her. Is she not perfection???? I found her she is here half way down. If anyone speaks this language how much is she?

Blog Candy

Here you go..... and here is how it works. Post a message on this post and tell me what your favorite embellishment is for card making, scrapbooking, mixed media whatever. Just your favorite embellisment. I will go first..... my favorite embellishments would have to be dew drops or bella baubles. Now it is your turn. I am giving away a set for November and December this will be November's question. You have until Thanksgiving day. So, go ahead and tell me your favorite. I will use random number generator for the winner.
Good luck

My catalog girls rubberstamps

I have received tons of requests as to where I bought the catalog girls stamps at.You can find them here for only $15.00. If you are interested in purchasing a set let me know. Her shipping is kind of high so we could go in together and if we get $100.00 the shipping is free so you would only have to pay $17.00 since the shipping to you would be 2.00. Does that make sense?????? I actually won them...woo hoo but there are a couple of things I need anyway so go there and see if you want any other stamps and let me know. We can do this like we do the copic markers. Please keep in mind that you will need to pay shipping from my house to yours but it will be a lot less than the $7.00 to 10.00 dollars shipping she charges. Don't get me wrong her products rock....... it is just the shipping is a little high but in today's world what isn't.
So, if we get %100.00 dollars worth it is free shipping to me and only actual shipping to you. The catalog girls are only 2.00.
But she also has EVERY ONE OF TIM HOLTZ stamps too and her prices rock at 5.95 each. woo hooooooooooo

let me know

Blog Candy coming

STay tuned because blog candy is coming... a 26 pc stamp set with ink pads for the holidays. I will have a picture shortly

Friday, November 7, 2008

My pocket full of posies challenge submission for WWW,

Wow, I should leave for a week every week

I finally found xyron to fit my old zyron machine..woo hoo

I love this catalog women stamp set

gotta love tim holtz

look fragments...wo hoo

love this stuff

this is what was waiting on me when I got home.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

new pictures

take a minute and go to the bottom of the page. I added some old scrapbook pictures to my slide show. Just be patient they will pop up soon. These are almost ten years old if not older. Enjoy

Sunday's Crop Stop Fun

Mixed BouquetWelcome to Sundays Blog Hop from Mixed BouquetThe idea of this Walk in the Garden is to follow the links from blog to blog and collect the letters. Once you have all 8 letters you are to mix them up to spell out a well known scrapbooking/crafting name ot term.My letter is 'L' To get your next letter please go to Sherry at

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Okay time for my Crop Stop Challenge A garden compost

Here is how it works. Create anything you want totally from scraps. You can use anything and everything but nothing new. Left overs from a previous project are fine. Here is what I created.

I used an old cigar box, then torn left over paper and covered the box. I added a torn up old prima flower, a found button and get this old game tiles and I had a package of chipboard that I used. The outside of the packaging had all these cool images so I cut those out and used those too. A Tim Holtz Grunge Board latch and there you have it.... my garden compost made from scraps ATC holder.

What are you going to do????? here is the deal. Make something from scraps. Post me a message with your link and if you do a compost challenge by nine tonight you will receive a rubber stamp free from me. So have at it and don't forget to post me a message so I can check out your compost.