Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa Found it

Well, Santa found the Cricut EXPRESSION woo hoo the big gun for a killer price today. And his elves got me four cartridges to go with it. So now I have the ones that came with it and four more.
Gotta love that Santa (Rick) and his elves ( my asst. managers) Now to just wait until Christmas to open it.
It wasn't too crazy today steady stream but never got out of control. The nice thing about today is that all my Black Friday shopping my asst. manager does for me. I give her a list with my credit card and she goes and gets everything for me.
She always wants to close on Black Friday so that she can go shopping. Not a problem with me.
Tomorrow will be even busier than today. No one stopped by with that Starbucks coffee so maybe Saturday I will get lucky.

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