Wednesday, November 19, 2008


No art, no funny stuff just raw tonight.
Tired, worn out, dragging butt kinda day..... Tomorrow I am off work so I plan on working on my art. Want to get my groove back on. Want to listen to music and create.
So, until then ......

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Toni said...

GOOD, darnit! A Day off for YOU -- are you feeling better from that bug you had? My darling, I want to send you to an Elizabeth Arden day at the edge of a lake, a massage on a table under a sparkling gazebo, ducks and loons swimming nearby, a pedicure in an Adirondack chair pulled up on the end of a pier, you wrapped in a luxurious fluffy robe, a steaming cup of your favorite blueberry coffee ... are you mentally there yet? I love you, have fun creating!!!!