Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am looking for Twinnings Brand Christmas Tea Bags. They come 20 in a box. It appears that they have discontinued this Christmas Tea flavor...of course!!!!
i have checked out all of the possible locations at online web sites. One web site shows them as having the product but after you order, they wrote me back and said that they no loger carry the has been discontinued. Anyone that can locate this tea...please let me know. I need about 10 boxes. I am willing to pay for the tea and shipping to my location. What will you get for your help and will be the happy recipient of an envelope full of unmounted rubber stamps. As Tim Gunn would say..."Make it Happen" or as Paula Dean would say..."Thanks Y'all" or as my husband would say..."Let's Do This".


Sheryl said...

I have had a look but the only places I've found this tea has it listed as unavailable.

As an alternative, there is a company called "Whittards" that does very nice Christmas teabags - might be worth a try.

Sheryl said...

Further to my earlier comment, I e-mailed Twinings and they confirmed that they are no longer producing the Christmas tea. Sorry!

Denise S. said...

Miss V try they have 80 individual tea bags.