Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh my gosh I almost forgot

Monday night in the middle of the night LOUD and I mean LOUD sound at the bottom floor door.....oh my is someone breaking in? I scream turn on the lights wake up Rick he runs out in the kitchen area yells dial 911 so I pick up the phone dial 911 now where am I?????? not to worry thank goodness for enhanced 911 so 45 minutes later here come the police ( after a phone call back from the 911 operator as to where exactly this cabin was)
Seems we had a vistor and he left his package at the bottom door for us...... Can you guess what he left us??????????????

A HUGE PILE OF DUNG it seems that the bear not only scared the crap out of us but we must of scared the crap out of him.

The TWO police cars and TWO officers say this is normal that the bears at this time of the year will come down from high up to feed and graze. OH MY GOSH no wonder they have these big boxes with locks on them for the trash.

Needless to say we slept the rest of the time there with all the lights on.

Diary of a crazed woman

Friday started off with 350 miles to Salem Virginia there we stayed at the Holiday Inn (free) gotta love those reward points. Then we got up and drove the rest of the way into Pigeon Forge finally found the cabin rental place and got the keys to the cabin to only find out we still had a 30 mile drive up the mountains to our place.
We stayed in Gatlinburg in the arts and crafts loop ( an eight mile loop in the mountains of crafters that sell their wares from their homes).
When we pulled up into the drive and looked up to see the drive way we had to drive up to get to the cabin....oh my gosh.. Thank goodness I am not afraid of heights.
The cabin was so beautiful I spent the first hour just exploring how big and beautiful it was. We were so tired that we had pizza that first night and just chilled in the hot tub and watched a movie in the theater room.
Sunday proved to be a fun day as most things in gburg are closed..........
Not to worry we went into Pigeon Forge and Dinner at the old mill restaurant.
did some shopping there also bought a bunch of soups, dips, etc. Then back to the cabin for another night of hot tubbing and movies.
Monday oh my gosh we went to this amazing scrapbook store and clearance center bought a ton of stuff there for 50% off. I had over three hundred dollars of stuff and only spent $150.00.
Then on to the antique places in search of a vintage antique made in england tea cup for toni...... Sorry honey none to be found unless of course you want one made in china. lol
We spent the day shopping and then went to this die for and yes I have the recipe now for the pkan chicken.....
Tuesday was back to the scrapbook clearance center for some more goodies and then on to Dollywood....okay here is a tip for Dollywood DO NOT EAT AT AUNT GRANNYS!!!!!!! the food was horrible..... but they did make up for it by giving us our entire check back.
We then walked around and bought some goodies then left and headed back to the cabin for hot tub time and movie time.
Wednesday up early and onto Dollywood again....saw shows if you go you must see the dreamland drive in review a show of 50's,60.s and 70's songs....
Bought some really cute pictures for our cabin.... and then they painted your name on the wooden mailbox in the pictures and on the truck in the drive... picture to folow.
After a full day at Dollywood we drove into pigeon forge and had dinner at callhouns rib place and more shopping.
Finally back to the cabin and yes you guessed it HOT TUB time.
Thursday was an all day walk through the mountain streets of Gatlinburg and to the top of the mountain via the tram cars..
Back for our final dinner at the Park Grill for the best food in town.
We then returned back to the cabin for our last night and yes once again HOT TUB time. Packed up the car and swore we would return to this wonderful cabin ..........
Friday morning breakfast at Flapjacks a cute little log cabin that serves pancakes 100 ways and off to drive 350 miles to Stauton Virginia where we spent the night....
Dinner at Cracker Barrel and back to the hotel where I fell asleep in one minute flat.
Saturday we had breakfast at this place that southern living magizine says is the best place in all the south........well humm okay NOT
I mean it was okay but......... not the best place
Drove another 250 miles and home at last. Took us an hour just to unload suitcases, and new things we bought.
Another wonderful vacation but sadly off to work I go tomorrow.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

new blog photo

so if you noticed off to the side........ I have a new photo..... of course this one is 45 lbs more than my other (quitting smoking causes it) oh and french fries...but anyway.... new photo and a new one will go back up when the 45 comes off.... lol


Okay so we spent two days at Dollywood and oh my god the walking we did. I think we walked like ten miles...I swear.......... well, it felt like ten miles.

We had so much fun at Dollywood, Rick had hurt his side so we couldn't ride any rides but we saw show after show and shopped as if there would be no tomorrow.

I bought two pictures of cabins, tons of food items, shot glass, stuff for toni, stuff for my monster in law ( had too) lol.

Wealso spent a day shopping the streets of Gatlinburg and bought this from jim shore.... and this
and some day I am going to learn how to post pictures in the right well, you get the idea.
Dinner time now but later today or tomorrow I will post even more stuff. Good to be back

Rick enjoying our vacation

Cabin pictures

Not sure if you can see this but this is the theater room...... we had blankets down there because it was SO COLD there. Every night we watched a movie on the 9ft screen. When we go back again it WILL be to this cabin. over 5 thousand sq feet of luxury.

back from gatlingurg

Here are just a few pictures from our trip...

got coffee ready to go.....

Saturday, September 15, 2007


When you are sick you sometimes just reminisce of things past.
Today, my mind went back to ......
Christmas with my Grandma...... how I would always get that pair of embroidered pillow cases.... what I would give for a pair of those now.

My Grandmother's Chess pie..... she always made it for me she knew it was my favorite.

When my Mother actually did love me...... that has been so long ago that I really had to go back to find that memory.

When I actually love my Mom for my Mom even that today is hard for me.

When I believed everything I was told.....

Innocence.... when I never had a worry in my life, that all ended when I turned 8. My life as I knew it was OVER then.

When I was growing up in Canada and my Grandpa was my hero. Every Summer NO matter how hard my life was he knew how to make it better. I was his favorite there was no doubt in my mind. 30 grandkids and I WAS his favorite. When I was 12 he would make my favorite popcorn bread ( corn bread but as a little girl I always called it popcorn bread)
When he taught me how to use a gas motor to steer the boat. When he taught me how to play the piano, when he taught me how to fish and when he taught me that I WAS perfect just as I was.

Memories....sometimes there good and sometimes no so.....

More pictures

This is the view from the driveway
Imagine the wonderful coffee time we will have here in the mornings and evenings.
Hot tub every evenging
A view from the kitchen into the living room. I can't wait

Gatlinburg here we come

This is where we are staying in Gatlinburg.... A beautiful place, one week with my wonderful husband,no phones, no family, only us and this fantastic view. I can't wait.

Friday, September 7, 2007

She is in the house

Today Minnie Driver was delivered to my house...yeah.
Sea Stories and Everything I've got in my pocket cd's arrived. I loaded them into ITUNES and on my IPOD so I am set. I can listen to her off my computer, in my car and on my ears anytime I want and if you have ever heard this woman sing you would want to listen to her all day too.
Well, this is my weekend to work. Saturday close, Sunday open to close Monday open then Tuesday I am off. Yeah have tons of stamping to do so keep an eye on the blog for new stuff.
I had to order this
presentbella...oh my gosh too cute for words love the polka dots.
Have a great Friday

Thursday, September 6, 2007

News on Thursday

Well, not much going on today back from the DR and whew........ more pills to take more things to do....
Oh the things we do to live to be a hundred.

Today I am working on some fun off to do that.
keep an eye out for more art coming...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A gift from Toni

Look what I got from Toni... I love it all
Thank you so much
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They were more than just friends.... they were kindred sisters

At last here is the Collage that I made for Toni. We found a friendship that very few people find. She is not only my best friend she is my kindred soul sister.
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They were more than just Friends

The top of the collage
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Kindred Sisters

Here is the bottom of the Collage
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And this is me

Part of the Kindred Sisters Collage I am sending to Toni
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Kindred Sisters

This is Toni from the Kindred Sisters Collage that I created for Toni.
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From Toni

This came from Toni too. An adorable box filled with her amazing talent.
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And this is a collage of Paula and Vivianne... I love this so much
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This is Paula
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Introducing vivienne and Paula

I opened my mail one day and found the most amazing gift ever. Toni had created two best friends (kinda like us) then she wrote stories of their lives
I want to share that with you first then I will post pictures of their lives.
Vivienne Solange Homet
born 5-1-57
Saigon, Vietnam

Paula Jean Wyle, nee Massey
born 05-01-50
Sutherland, Nebraska

their shared not only their birthdates but their lives together.This is Vivienne on the right.
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Yet another fantastic piece of art from Toni
Today I plan on posting most of the artwork Toni and I have shared throughout the year
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A better Look

A little better look at the work from this amazing artist.
Thanks, Toni I love it all
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From Toni

Some amazing artwork by Toni
I received this about a year ago when Toni and I started trading artwork. I love this I bet you can't guess what this is made of. I love every single aspect of this.......
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A beautiful thank you card

Got this beautiful card from Molly, Toni's Mother. She was so sweet sending this too me. I loved the note enclosed. Thank you so much Molly.
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