Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh my gosh I almost forgot

Monday night in the middle of the night LOUD and I mean LOUD sound at the bottom floor door.....oh my is someone breaking in? I scream turn on the lights wake up Rick he runs out in the kitchen area yells dial 911 so I pick up the phone dial 911 now where am I?????? not to worry thank goodness for enhanced 911 so 45 minutes later here come the police ( after a phone call back from the 911 operator as to where exactly this cabin was)
Seems we had a vistor and he left his package at the bottom door for us...... Can you guess what he left us??????????????

A HUGE PILE OF DUNG it seems that the bear not only scared the crap out of us but we must of scared the crap out of him.

The TWO police cars and TWO officers say this is normal that the bears at this time of the year will come down from high up to feed and graze. OH MY GOSH no wonder they have these big boxes with locks on them for the trash.

Needless to say we slept the rest of the time there with all the lights on.


Toni said...

Bears ... I love them, respect them, but I am definitely SKEERED o'them, too! Still, I was chuckling as I read your entry, especially the 'we scared the crap out of the bear' part! HAAHAHAHAHA!


twinsand2boys said...

Too funny V! Sorry, that wouldve been scary, but funny how you told the story.

Anonymous said...