Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am so sorry but I must say no

Just today I have received six requests to become a friend on my space. I have received three requests to join Grouply. I hate to say this but I must decline.
My space, face book, linked, etc I tried but just don't like it. I think emails are a much better way to chat with each other. With the demands of my work load now it just makes it so difficult to divide my time with work, home, and somewhere I try to do my art but please keep the emails coming. I ALWAYS answer each and everyone of them.......... eventually lol
I hope everyone will understand.... oh and all the fab awards I get sent.... I think I would also like to remain award free from here on in. While I appreciate the awards the thoughts behind them...etc
It does take so much longer for the heavy picture, heavy art to load up on the page.
So, again please don't hate me....... but........... I won't be able to join.


Carla said...

I couldn't agree more! I hate all those places. They seem like an enormous waste of time to me, and all the game and flowers and fish and water fights and who knows what else are just irritating! I completely ignore all that stuff, and my family and friends just have to know that about me-I'm not playing!

Unknown said...

It was on fb that I learned that I needed to blog. I had too much to say for shortcutting. Then like you I needed to prioritize. Your beautiful blog and emails would be enough for anyone with anything meaningful to say. Somehow anyway SpringsGarden ended up on fb. Go figure. I just imagine all these bits and pieces floating around out there! Tiffiny

somethingcraftybydottie said...

i do understand it is a uto request by face book for anyone on my e-mail list . i do understand I am not on face book that often it is not the thing for me either. sorry. hugs Dottie

Christine's Arts said...

First, I love your new banner! So cute.
Second, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm on all those different sites and am not keeping up. I don't want to play the "which dwarf are you?" game. Blogging is so much more fun. (Once in awhile I play catch up but am not worrying about it anymore.) I keep checking back here and appreciate you keeping this blog up so nicely. Thanks for the heads up ~ Rats! I can't pawn off any awards on you anymore!oh well Actually I spread them out so newbies can play too ;)

Toni said...

I'm with you, V-Luv -- I won't join Facebook or My Space or Twitter ... I am spread as thin as I want to be spread right now between email and blog.

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