Friday, January 14, 2011

I think there is a misunderstanding

I have received a ton of emails saying how great I look in the picture but....................
that picture was taken 30 pounds ago. I haven't posted a picture yet of how I look now. I wanted to wait until I hit that 40 mark. lol
So, hang in is coming. Funny story I was at work Monday and one of my department managers said.....
I was looking at our Christmas photos and you look like you borrowed someone else's clothes as they just hung on you. I looked at the pictures and OMG I can even see the difference and usually the one who is trying to lose the weight is the last one to notice.
My face is where I see a HUGE change. NO longer do I have that triple chin or chubby cheeks.
But that will be saved for the revel at 40 stay tuned.

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