Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been tagged this is funny

I was tagged by Jeri ( see sidebar for her blog) and must name 6 weird things about me...

Here goes

1) I love the following all mixed together Mac and cheese, baked beans and cottage cheese yep mix them all in a bowl and I am in hog heaven

2) I will not, can not, would never ever go barefoot anywhere even a walk on the beach I must have shoes on.

3) I have driven over a million miles in my lifetime

4) I must have a window open even during the winter....... even living in Michigan in the cold as I am clostaphobic ( just a little bit)
5) I read too fast and I mean too fast I can read a book in one day
6) I have a habit of saying " you think" like some people will say you know? I say you think

okay that is weird enough hummmmmmmmmm


Carla said...

Totally down with the shoes! I wear mine right up to the edge of the pool. I don't do barefoot! Don't like closed windows, either! Get this, our bedroom has no windows to the outside! It has four doors, and a window to the back porch, but it's in the middle of the house! I hate it! There's a lot I love about this old house, (1917), but this isn't one of them!

Jamie Martin said...

Enjoyed reading the weird things about you. I always wear shoes outside but I do walk on sand :)

jo said...

I hate wearing shoes and would go everywhere barefoot if I could!