Sunday, May 18, 2008

Row Houses

The first one is man of style I wanted to use something different this time. I have this stamp in my etsy store if you like it.
Shoot the flash is hiding the saying. This one is Butterfly house I love that stamp and I also have an extra one of those in my store too.
Library I saw that stamp and it so reminded me of the librarian at school when I was younger. So , thus Library was created. ACK I just noticed how sad and pitiful my finger nails look ...oh well that is what you get when playing in ink all day. Big Daddy if you see this hint hint ... manicure at Aveda would be great!!! hahahaha

I belong to an online art group called An Affair with Art. This month it is row houses, altered books and postage people ATC's for me.

Here are my row houses.


Toni said...

Ooh, I'm REALLY glad you posted these here, cuz I couldn't open the links from my email OR on the AAWA site. We are having such fits with Cox the last week. I LOVE the Man's House of Style, for all the reasons you say -- it's just so unusual to see art using MEN (male images) ... really makes them stand out. The librarian one made me laugh, too, but every librarian I've ever known has been the kind you want to cuddle up in her lap!!

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