Friday, May 9, 2008

Wanna see what my wonderful Husband has done?

My wonderful, amazing, handsome, caring, loving, you know all those wonderful words husband takes a lot of pride in his gardens. I thought I would share some pictures of his gardens on this rainy Friday. He ran out and took some photos for me. Let me introduce you to
Big Daddy's garden

Can you see all the blooms that will be blooming? I love clematis simply breath taking
He will know the name of this iris...not me I just know it is stunning
i love pink

I love Clematis and he really out did himself on these
His babies are his Iris's
I love love triple love peonies
these are beautiful

five years ago these were just sprigs. Now look at the clematis
A rose by any other name is Veronica lol
Now this is a beautiful rose


420Hacks said...

beautiful flowers, very colorful, keep up the great blogging!

Toni said...

oh my lord, me and the MuthaCam would be lost in that garden til the blooms dropped to the ground. the iris alone! I LOVE iris! And peonies, I haven't seen those in Arizona at all, they remind me of my Grandma Lydia's garden. Big Daddy rocks, holy crap!!!!!

Jenn said...

Tell your hubby the flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!! :D