Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guess what is only $3.56 cents each????

Did anyone Guess? Copic Markers. Now that we placed our inital order from www.carpediemstore.com we can now get all new copic orders from here on out for $3.56 each. I will be placing an order around June first.
Here is how the order process works.
Carpediem charges an arm and a leg to ship so the more we have going in on the order the cheaper it is....
We all look at the color charts total up how many you want. I will then take the total markers order by each person and divide the shipping by the amount of markers you have ordered. Then you will paypal me your money and i will place the order.
The order comes here and I then will ship them out to you for actual shipping charges
So let's see if I can make sense...

I order 25 markers at 3.56 cents each total marker cost is 89.00
Jeri orders 25 markers at 3.56 each is 89.00
Toni orders 20 Markers at 3.56 cents 71.20
Erica orders 10 markers each $35.60
Total shipping for all the markers is 16.50
Which is .20 cents for each marker so I would pay 5.00 for shipping
jeri would pay 5.00 for shipping
Toni would pay 4.00 for shipping
Erica would pay 2.00 for shipping
From Carpe Diem shipping
Then they would pay the shipping from here... I can send 25 markers for 3.10 so in total instead of Jeri spending a total of 16.00 in shipping (Carpe's cheapest shipping for 10 markers is 12.00)
she is only paying 8.10 saving money. Plus if this is your first order with carpediem the cost of the markers is 3.99
Anway after all that if anyone would like to join in on June's order just let me know. And if you have any questions from this rambling post let me know.

Yeah Copics. if you haven't seen how they work go to my older posts and take a look at my post on how they shade themselves.. I LOVE COPIC


Kariberry said...

You are a darling! For doing this again. I'm sure i will have a list.
Later... Maybe Sparkle wants to get in on it. Want me to tell her about it?

erica said...

I am IN! Sounds great great great!