Sunday, July 26, 2009

holy smokes I won

woo hoo..... I won one of Dotties floral pieces yay baby!!!!!

Oh my gosh she wants to know what kind..... oh boy oh boy I have to think.......
okay I chose
navy blue
hunter green
and a splash of red for the cabin look
lime green
splash of pink and purple for the girly girl in me for the studio.
thanks so much Dottie

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somethingcraftybydottie said...

I will make one very special I promise! It will have just what I think you are look for. I will get it in the mail this week for you now I will have to get started on your special piece. I will be doing another giveaway for the Holidays keep checking. Each piece I make for anyone is made for them. This giveaway was in Memory of My Mom as today is her Birthday. Enjoy .