Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot off the press and you are the first to see it

This just in from Patty at lisas altered art Halloween slides and charms and folks let me tell you get these now. THESE ARE TOTALLY amazing. And did I say they are only two bucks each? come on you can't find anything like this for only two bucks each. Click on the pictures to see how awesome they are then run right over to or click on my Patty link above and add to your cart. She takes paypal and for four bucks you get both sheets.
Once again....... I do not know Patty, not on her design team nothing....I just know good quality when I see it and folks this is awesome quality. I print all my images out on photo paper and AWESOME colors etc.
Halloween is coming so let's get started quickly on getting ATC's done for Halloween or our Altered Art.

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Carla said...

Veronica, those are awesome, and two bucks is a terrific value! Thanks for the heads up! I have never received stamps from you!! We moved at the beginning of June, so they may have gotten lost along the way-I hope they get here soon! Now I'mm all excited!! Did you send them to Keyes or Boise City OK? When did you send them? Our forwarding has not gone all that well this move! If they are lost, thanks anyway! I'm thrilled that you would even think to send me stamps! You're a peach!!