Sunday, August 2, 2009

It doesn't take much

See this new blog header? I bought this at TJMAXX for only four bucks. Now I ask you who does she remind you of? of course Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Heburn. YAY... I just love this and anything that resembles her.
So, here is my new blog header for a little while....


Carolyn said...

That is a cute header! Hey girly is today your Birthday? A little birdie from cyberspace told me today was your BD... If it is... I hope you had the greatest day ever!
Love ya girlfriend!

Toni said...

I thought it was something you made -- you COULDA, but we both know that. Yes, I immediately knew it was reminiscent of beloved Audrey. Zoe approved, too, by the way.