Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation Planning is tiring.....

Rick is planning on a Europe vacation for us for next year and I am pooped just watching him. I had no idea there were so many choices... boats, planes, trains and automobiles. Which one and what to do is all on him. I am going along for the ride.
We made this deal that we would pick five places we have always wanted to go. He picks two I pick two then we chose one together.
Some of the cities we have chosen are
Russia ( me )
Norway ( Rick)
Sweden ( Rick)
France (me)
Italy ( me)
back to alaska (both)
So, he is working on this River Cruise in Europe where you get to stop at tons of places along the way.........
I can't wait..... if this vacation is anything thing like the last vacation he surprised me with I am sure it will be wonderful.


artbeckons said...

Sounds wonderful! Will look forward to hearing all about your travels =)

T. Kaiser said...

How exciting to be exhausted from vacation planning! I'll bet you'll get all sorts of inspiration for future art projects.

Annita said...

Heeyyy have you TOTALLY forgotten about your old friend in Denmark ???LOL