Monday, August 24, 2009

My celebrity spotting

So, we are running through Minneapolis and who Rick says look it is the Mom from Little People Big world on TLC. Yep sure enough there is Amy Roloff from Big World Little People sitting at the gate waiting on her flight to a location I won't mention in Michigan. Had I of had time I would have stopped and said hi. I would not of asked for her picture or her autograph as I believe she should have her moment of quietness. I just would of stopped and said Hey Amy how are you? How is Matt and the kids. That is it.... then I would have said enjoy your flight.


artbeckons said...

One time, I sat next to Wilford Brimley in the Billings MT airport. I just smiled and said "Hi" because his grandkids were there and it was a family time for them.

patti said...

During the last year of my mom's life, she became obsessed with the Little People show. She would ask me on a daily basis if I had ever seen it (the cancer had traveled to her brain). She had a lot of respect for the mother that you guys saw.