Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My birthday loot

I received this beautiful Pandora everlasting love bead
And then Rick bought me this moose since I love Moose so much When Rick and I got married we honeymooned in Disney World so he bought the Mickey and Minnie Mouse bead for my Pandora Bracelet

Now Rick went to my favorite spot www.cropstop.com to buy all of this bounty

Then today I ran over to ACmoore and picked up a few things I needed

We went out to dinner at www.yukonsteak.com and had to wait until they opened up so there was a Tuesday Morning store that I have never been to before. WOW see all this stuff under ten bucks

and then in my bounty from www.cropstop.com there was this card from Haylie Jo and Anita.
I loved everything. Thank you so much honey I loved everything


artbeckons said...

Fabulous gifts! I hope your birthday was a blessed one =)

Toni said...

A good day. I just wish you had been feeling better, Sweet! The moose bead, RIGHT ON!!!

redpoppy007@aol.com said...

I love your treasures.