Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's talk Zetti , ATC's and paper dolls

First you will need this image and for only $2.00 it can be yours in two seconds from Now many of you may think that I am Lisa but I am not. There really is a Lisa but she is a little girl. Patty owns Lisa's alterd art and Lisa is her daughter. I have never met Patty, Lisa or anyone else there. Believe it or not I am not even on her design team. I just know value and good business when I see it and trust me Patty is all the above.
Take this sheet.... now it looks funny and cute right? Well, look below as to what you can make with this adorable sheet.

I took and made this ATC and the atc will fold up since I used brads to attach the arms, legs etc. I can simply fold it all up and mail out.

I added some words from Lisa's ( Patty's) word sheets which can be found here
a little lamp stamp that I bought from oh I have no idea I thought it was I brake for stamps but I can't find it.

So, if anyone knows where it came from let me know.

Well, I just found this and Patty has her sheets now on etsy and get this she has a special where any of the sheets she has on etsy are only 4 for 5 bucks. Come on where in the world can you find digital sheets that cheap???? and this awesome quality.
So, seriously I want everyone to either pop over to her store or to her etsy shop and just check it out. And while you are checking things out come on and join me at for my monthly ATC challenge. This month the challenge is all about glitter.
and don't forget if you use this code ARTFUL you can save 10% off your purchase over $30.00!!!!!!!

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Barbra Joan said...

these are oh so cute, and you are oh so creative, and yes, I know your not Lisa or anyone else. Your just YOU!!!!