Saturday, July 18, 2009

From my sister Toni

She just got back from England and sent me these gifts. For Rick she sent him the metal double Decker bus.....what she doesn't know is that I have now taken it and can't wait to alter it. I have some amazing England stamps..that would go perfect with this as a background. I have the phone booth, the guards, the cars I will stamp them make them stand up right and use the bus in my scene. I will keep it on his side of the
Now onto what she bought me first a leather Beatrix Potter bookmark. Now I read every single day during my lunch hour. I take my book go into the breakroom and read while I eat my lunch. I just love to read.
She also sent me this awesome Chatsworth coaster. I don't want to use it as it is awesome. The soap smells like lavender.
Thank you so much Sis I love it.........
Our lovely mother and Toni went to England without me. Now I ask you where is the equality in that????
Oh perhaps I should add that I have never met Toni nor our lovely mother. I have just been adopted by them and I have also adopted them.
Toni and I have been friends for almost seven years now via the internet. Molly Toni's mother adopted me a year or two ago. Since my mother disowned me....

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artbeckons said...

What a wonderful sister you have found! I love all these precious gifties =)