Sunday, April 12, 2009

He did it again

Well, Rick has done it again. This time he has added another vacation in the mix for this year. Just when I thought the cruise next month, the week in the mountains in September was enough. He informed me honey we are going to Canada in August to spend a week fishing. He keeps surprising me daily. Living and being married to him is a surprise behind every smile, every day, every laugh, every turn. And boy am I ever so glad and yes I know everyone is thinking GOSH one more post about how wonderful Rick is I am going to puke well...... can I get ya a
I would love to say I am sorry but to be honest I wake up every morning thinking oh my how lucky I am to have found this one.
I think back to the ex husband, the ex fiances, the ex wanna be's and wow, thank god I waited for the perfect one.
Oh and on a side note someone asked me how we met so .........

I had just moved to Boston from a little town in Indiana and was scared to death of the big city.
One weekend I decided to drive to Maine and shop at the huge outlet mall in Kittery. I walked into LLBEAN and was looking to buy a winter coat for my step father. I asked this gorgeous man to help me and would he mind trying on this coat so I could see if it would fit my dad. This hot guy was shopping for himself and was alone so .....why not.

Well, after coffee the rest is history we never spent a day away from each other after that........ He would be at my house if I wasn't at his.
Funny story....... When he went with me to my parents home for Christmas and here my Dad is a big guy.... heavy set short etc and Rick is tall, lean and not an ounce of fat on his body. He pulled me aside and said I don't think that coat will fit your dad. I laughed and said oh honey I returned that coat and bought one that would fit him. He got a good laugh out of it too.

Happy Easter everyone..........


sassypackrat said...

I love to hear what a great guy you have, cause Honey you sure deserve him! Sometimes things fall into place like tumblers in a lock and the door opens to great things. So happy this has happened to you!

somethingcraftybydottie said...

What a nice story! We all have our stories and Thank God some of them are good ones. Some think wow how do those woman find these types of me? But I see you were lucky to find one as was I after a very Bad abusive marriage and the loss of a 3 1/2 yr old son.
Yes I am so happydo you that you found your Rick. there are not many good men around.
God Bless you both .
Hugs : )

Unknown said...

Happy Easter to you and your DH! Honestly, I wasn't going to puke! It's really refreshing to know someone actually loves and appreciates their spousal unit!

artbeckons said...

Ha ha... I love that story! I never get tired of hearing how wonderful your hubby is to you - it just makes me optimistic to know that those good guys are still out there; I'm sure to find mine someday too and he'll be worth the wait and past heartaches.

Judy said...

I never get tired of hearing love stories!

Toni said...

I love that story, every time you tell it again, so romantic ... and no, he** no, don't ever stop with the wonderful Rick posts! my goodness, with so many people in miserable relationships or looking for the right one, it's wonderful & encouraging to know it's possible to find it, to be blissful! NO apologies, same way I feel about my posts of Double BB! Thank goodness to be in marriages that inspire such posts, right?

Unknown said...

Sweet love story and I am happy for you that you were brave and clever enough to have approached him. Kudos for you. Back from my trip. Missed my favs!!!
ps.Commented to Rick. Sorry I confused your name, if you knew me better you'd understand that when my husband went anywhere we'd laugh that he'd have to remind me his name on return. I also had a party one time and went to introduce my best friend and my mind went blank! Oh well, now I just blame my age,
and you-babygirl at 49!
Smiles, Tiffiny